Micro-Teaching Practice Arrangements Essay

Topic Introduction The teacher Resources: (Attach worksheets) Potential Problems: Whole Class I Teacher Activity I Topic Introduction: Students minutes . Minutes I Potential Problem (Linguistic, Contextual, Behavioral, etc. ) I Counter Strategy Meaner of Assessment: (What will be done to discover what individual students have gained from this lesson? ) Actual Assessment: (Record the progress of identified individual students with reference to your general aims and your objectives for this lesson) By the end of this lesson, the students will: Evaluation of this Lesson: Criteria for Evaluation: 1. How will you identify the extent to which this lesson achieved important aims? 2. How will you identify the effectiveness of the learning processes in the lesson?

Actual Evaluation: 2. Review of the lesson in view of your Criteria for evaluation: What did you learn about your teaching from this lesson? Mark: / 40 15% of entire course mark = 115 1) Givens – Maximum number of marks = 4: a) Sends your lesson plan by e-mail to participants and lecturer. B) Micro-teach: Maximum time 30 minutes + 10 minutes for questions and discussion 2) Content (Each criterion can receive 1 to 6 marks. Maximum number of marks = 24 c) Shows ability to plan a lesson d) Relates Lesson Planning to concepts in the teaching and research literature e) Lesson presented shows breadth and depth proportionally to time allowed for the lesson. Shows commitment to the activity and an effort to explore it as thoroughly as possible taking into account lesson time constraints. F) The lesson is detailed so that another teacher can teach it. 3) Expression of ideas during the presentation. (Each criterion can receive 1 to 4 marks) Maximum number of marks = 16 g) Teaches in an organized manner with visual support (presentation of topic and outline, uses visual support for students such as overhead, notes, graphs, gives examples, PPTP, website, web log, etc. ) h) Speaks loudly enough and distinctively with various tones of voice I) Encourages ‘students’ to participate by engaging them in questions or interesting/challenging activities related to the topic. J) The presentation has some interactive aspects 6.

Attendance and Participation 05% Participation: Readings must be done for each class and the preparation of questions about the readings must be done. This is worth 05% (participation) of your total mark. Some impromptu mint-tests may be given in class. . Reading the assigned material and come to class having attempted to synthesis the readings and identified misunderstood concepts 2. Preparing the questions or activities assigned with the readings 3. Contributing to class discussions in a way that enhances understanding of the readings 4. Making an effort to speak or avoiding dominating discussions (There is a need to measure yourself against your usual inclination for “speaking up,” not against how much other people talk) 5. Making an effort to invite others into the conversation 6.

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Dealing respectfully with others’ questions, confusion, and discussion priorities 7. Using class discussion (regardless of whether you spoke) as an opportunity to expand your understanding of the topics at hand (Optional) At the end of the course, students submit a description of their behavior corresponding to each criterion. They may give themselves a mark from 1 to 4 for each criterion. If they prefer not to give themselves a mark, this is okay and I will do so 7. Student Learning Self-Evaluation (250 words) 05% have learned during the course, how they have worked, etc. ) Criteria for Evaluation of Self-Evaluation Show ability to describe and reflect on previous learning and on learning processes used.


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