Michael Brennand Wood Sample Essay

Michael Brennand- Wood was born in the UK in 1952. He is a modern-day creative person. he specializes in making bizarre plants of art and sculptures by the agencies of wood-work. embroidery lacing. forms. fabrics and in recent times flowered imagination. he created ebullient pieces of art from researching and germinating his ain techniques unifying fabrics and other media in clever ways. Michael’s work is typical because he has persisted in the merger of modern and historical beginning. in peculiar the rating of dimensional line. construction and form. His latest. traditional composings of flowered imagination applied the usage of computerised machine embellishment. acrylic pigment. wood. glass and montage. he studied the usage of semblance of dimensions. utilizing about two or three to make colorful. metrical. algebraic and holographic esthesiss. with the precise item that morphs into optical semblances.

Brennand-Wood’s sculptures are really abstract. and he tends to play with coloring material and beat that’s seems besides hallucinogenic. that the form creates another visual aspect. “ stepping into another world’ as Michael quoted. However the significance of the piece. is that it’s non merely a charming piece of psychotic belief it is something you think about and reflect upon. He is a celebrated for his advanced and original thoughts. and is one of the most inspiring and originative creative persons that works in fabrics. He believes that his art offers traditionalism. assorted cultural influences. non mainstream work. and that the most imaginative modern-day fabrics derive from a certain apprehension of both fabrics and their history. What makes Michael Brennand-Woods chef-d’oeuvres so challenging is that the bizarre bright colorss and forms keep a much more philosophical and deeper significance. form is of import as they convey emotions and individuality as it is an encoded ocular linguistic communication.

When he creates his sculptures he ever keeps in head the sense of touch. as he like to convey the lesson of the composings through touch. The significance of Michael’s graphics is indispensable. he likes the interchange between the mulct inside informations and the large image. from far off it looks entirely cosmetic. but as you look deeper you set up the miniscule inside informations and you immediately perceive it otherwise. He chooses his rubrics to his art really earnestly as they are hints behind the true significance of the piece. the nature of the stuffs are important as good. as they besides hold hints and convey significances every bit good. stuffs communicate personalities. they hold information about civilization and memories. they are a haptic record of experiences that initiates centripetal reactions. Michael quoted ‘ Artists should be antiphonal to the built-in qualities of stuffs and usage accordingly’ . which is the grade of a true creative person who understands every facet of his work and utilize that to his advantage.

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Michael has many ill-famed pictures and sculptures that can be seen in many world-wide galleries and museums. including the Victoria and Albert Museum. The twenty-first Century Museum of Contemporary Art. etc. He has won many esteemed awards for his extremely accomplishing composings. such as The Creative Concept award in 1987 and The Fine Art award in 1989. Additionally. Michael Brennand-Wood is besides a Wood ocular creative person. conservator. lector and humanistic disciplines adviser as good. he has curated exhibitions including the ill-famed Fabric and Form. and carbon monoxide curated the Makers Eye. Until 1989 he was a senior lector in the section degree Fahrenheit ocular humanistic disciplines at Goldsmiths College. University of London. merely one of the colleges that he has taught extensively at. Michael has besides promoted the induction and research of Contemporary International Art Textiles. therefore he has gained a outstanding place at that place.

Michael describes himself as ‘ an creative person with a sustained involvement in textiles’ his inspiration emerged from when he was a kid turning up in a factory in rural north England. his grandma was an industrial weaver. so Michael would frequently play with fabric and fabric. his grandma besides taught him the rudimentss of needlework such as knitting. stitching and embellishment. His passion for woodwork besides developed from when he was a kid. as his gramps was an applied scientist. and created things from wood and metal. his grandparents chiefly influenced his enthusiasm and involvement for the chief constituents in his work. fabrics and wood.

Michael ever desired to be an creative person. but he did non recognize the potency of fabrics until he was analyzing all right art at university. It was when he decided to reassign over to the fabrics section. as he felt more comfy at that place. that he realised that he wanted to analyze embroidery as it was the most unrestricted country of fabrics and the country nearest to ticket art. as he interpreted sewing as ‘drawing with a yarn. ’He was besides shocked when he saw that embellishment was a ‘female’ trade. as it was the early 70s and the universe was still rather sexist. However he did non allow this throw him. and he worked merely every bit difficult as the adult females. as his work has ever been about seting himself in unfamiliar district and thought outside the box. Embroidery and fabrics were all about all right sewing and geometry. and Brennand-wood wanted to force against that. His work was ever different even so as in the 1960’s schools were normally segregated. with the male childs larning woodwork and the misss cookery. so Michael brought something new and different accomplishments into his work.

His attack was the cardinal though. Michael was thoughtful and profound about why. which and what he was making with his graphics. His graphics is so luxuriant and mastermind because he stated that his work is about thoughts non merely technique. which differs him from other creative persons. For him. doing things is the first measure. the thought procedure. it may be old fashioned. but to Michael is important in order to do a chef-d’oeuvre. He merely uses a computerised machine that embroiders single flower blooms. but aside from that he makes everything himself. so everything is original and traditional. He does this because he does non desire to yield to the modern ways and remain faithful to his ‘making’ heritage. and that his work is all about working outside the mainstream.

The work Burst by the creative person Michael Brennand-Wood is about war. in this sculpture there are many toy soldiers. and besides flowers that remind me of poppies. and spliting out of the sculpture are similar to mine bombs that are typically used in warfare. I think the subject is conflict. Michael Brennand-Woods piece of work reminds me of Rememberance Day. when the WW1 officially ended. Because the manner the plaything soldiers have been stacked upon one another makes it seem that they are dead cadavers in a clay ditch. The bombs detonating out of the base. implies that the ambiance was really helter-skelter and violent. besides the little plaything planes imply warfare every bit good. they give the sense that they are really winging seeking to fly from the detonation. In the center there are a few flowers shooting from the cadavers. their form reminds me of poppies. which are the emblem for Rememberance Day. many grew from the field in which many soldiers died contending in the war. they are ruddy and stand for the blood spilled in WW1.

There are besides iron crosses. which are decorations given to soldiers for their heroism and courage. The agreement of the work is unusual because the manner the soldiers are arranged makes a volcano form. which has objects spliting from it. it is like a freeze-frame of a vent break outing war. The manner the bombs have been positioned it looks like they are being ejected and so the beautiful flowers shine through in the center of all the slaughter. Michael Brennand-Wood has split the work into subdivisions because he wanted to pull your attending to each thing separately. first is the stack of soldiers which is large and has tonss of dimensions in it. and it is besides the base. where the eyes tends to get down. Following you travel upward and you notice the bombs because they are an interesting form and they are spaced out around the sculpture. so you notice the flowers hidden behind the ammo. they draw the oculus in as they are level. unlike the everything else which is 3d they besides have red. white and bluish parts that stands out against the monochromatic background.

The composing of the work is interesting because I think that Michael BW connoting when he made this that war is a vent. it can detonate violently and rapidly at any clip. it is a muss and sometimes has sedate effects. nevertheless the flowers in the piece suggest that there is ever a good side to a bad 1. The colorss are chiefly ruddy. which signifies passion. pride but choler. green-eyed monster and blood. many of the emotion felt through war. Blue and white colorss are seen but merely little. incidently bluish. white and ruddy are the colorss of the Union Jack. which signifies Britain winning the war over Germany in WW1.

The dominant ocular elements are form and form as they each of the constituents in this piece keep a significance but they are besides visually attractive and unusual. The work is made from machine embroidered flowers. wire. plaything soldiers. cloth and acrylic. The component that most affects me is the poppies as it immediately makes me experience sadness and loss of the brave soldiers that fought for our state. I reminisce of the proceedingss of silence on rememberance twenty-four hours. non merely dejecting emotions but besides one of pride. The poppies are the most important because they hold all those emotions of the war and they are such a powerful symbol.

The work Shellshock Vase by the creative person Michael Brennand-Wood is about consequence the war has on soldiers. In this image I can acknowledge toy soldiers at the base. machine embroidered flowers and forms. The subject is war. and emotion. Michael Brennand-Woods piece of work reminds me of the memories that go through a soldier’s caput when shellshocked. The agreement of the work is unusual because alternatively of doing a vase out of soldiers. he merely merely lodge them to a base vase created a disarrayed muss of soldiers. it gives the sense of confusion. The soldiers and embroidered flowers and moths are allegorical they are citing the war. First the embroidered moths which by the quotation mark “ moth to a flame” is interpreted as the soldiers being drawn to war. and a symptom of shellshock is that the work forces could non get away from the memory of war. they were ensnared by them. The fire was besides the thing that would kill them. i. e. the conflict as a fire would kill a moth. In some civilizations. . the moth is an portent of decease as are the embroidered skulls on the piece.

The flowers are alleged flowers of war. or flowers of young person. citing to the soldiers as they were vernal and immature. The flowers resemble daisies. which symbolize young person and artlessness. Besides there are some embroidered Iron Crosses. which are the decorations given to soldiers for their heroism and courage. The composing of the work is interesting because the manner the soldiers have been situated it looks like a conflict. the base from which all these things sprout from ; decease. heroism. young person. The colorss are chiefly black and white. like the war. the war is either good and bad like black and white. there is no ‘grey’ or in-between land. The work is made from acrylic. machine embellishment. cloth and plaything soldiers. When I look at this work I feel overwhelmed by the pile of soldier. but so I get a sense of unhappiness from the moths and flowers. The component that most affects me is the plaything soldiers because it is as if they are fighting in a conflict for life and all the other constituents in this piece germinate around the soldiers lives and hereafter.

The work Trip. Stumble and Fall by the creative person Michael Brennand-Wood is aboute spiritual civilization. In this piece I can see three beds of intricate forms. Michael Brennand-Woods piece of work reminds me of an origami box. the manner the two underside beds have overlapped each other. and an optical semblance with the contrasting colors and miniscule item. The agreement of the work is unusual because the 3rd bed is a wheel. with spiritual symbols on it. The wheel bares resemblance to the Buddhist symbol the Wheel of Life. it embodies birth and metempsychosis. trip. stumble and autumn may be the moral. that whether you make errors or battle you keep traveling on and on like the wheel of life. Connected to the wheel are symbols that besides look like the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. They are symbols used to assist you in your way of enlightenment. Michael Brennand-Wood has split the work into subdivisions because each bed is different and holds a different significance. The first bed is beautiful flowered design.

The 2nd bed in an intricate form that looks like waies. that can be translated into waies of life. that besides interlocks with the chess board type form on the corners. cheat is all about determinations and options. which you will hold to take in life. The manner the piece is displayed makes it look like an optical semblance. as you trip upon. stumble through and fall through optical semblances of hocus-pocus and misrepresentation. The contrasting colors of ruddy and navy. do it more hard to detect the forms and designs hidden beneath and the bantam complex show about do you head aching. And besides the usage of utilizing a square form with a circle gives the piece dimension. To bring forth the piece the creative person has used acrylic. cloth. card and metal. The component that intrigues me about this creative persons work is the symbols on the 3rd bed. they remind me of Buddhism symbols. but I do non specifically know. they involvement me because I have ne’er seen them before and they are unknown to me.


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