Metro Manila and Information Technology Essay

In the 10th year of the Philippine Youth Congress in Information Technology or Y4iT, The University of the Philippines Information Technology Development Center (UP ITDC) conducted a series of seminars with the theme “IT is Power: Celebrating a Decade of Transforming Lives,” at University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. It was nearly 2pm when we arrived in UP so we didn’t had a chance to attend the earlier seminars plus we weren’t able to start the on-going seminar of Ms.

Tessa Yuvienco about eKindling. We were in the UP Film Institute. Ms. Yuviengco’s talk about the eKindling touched my heart and made me want to take part, as an IT student in helping unfortunate children gets a chance to access the internet and learn more about the ICT. I’m thinking of being a volunteer in her group. Also, the two hosts are very entertaining and made us feel enthusiastic. They made us shout “Y4IT Power” and then they introduced the 2nd speaker, Atty. Jocelle Batapa-Segue.

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Atty. Jocelle’s talk about Creating Synergies for a Smarter Countryside” made me think that the Philippines is not only Manila. Our country is composed of small islands but has to unite because we are one country. It made me want to work in this country instead of working abroad. Not in manila but in the province where I was born. She introduced differerent councils for Information Technology that promotes creating jobs in the industry of ICT-BPO in different country side.

The 3rd speaker, Prof. Lemuel Brana, talked about the social media. He talked about the use of social media to give awareness to people and the importance of social media to business. It made me realize that social media is now widely used by business companies to get closer to their buyers and to get free promotions. And he gave us a lot of information on how social media affects our generation. Unfortunately, we got bored while listening to the 4th speaker, Mr. Lawrence Hughes.

He just read what’s on his PowerPoint and he talks so fast. All I understand in his speech is that the 1st internet used IPv4 and the second internet used IPv6. He was introduced with such great achievements but I was disappointed because his talk was really boring. We just chose to go outside. The 10th Y4iT will continue to serve as a meeting place for the best minds in IT, while giving participants a rare chance to know the latest IT breakthroughs, establish a network of contacts, and see how the field looks like.


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