Method of Food Preparation Essay

Because guests often ask how food on the menu is prepared, you should know the more common preparation methods, as follows: Baked Cooked by dry, continuous heat in an oven Boiled Cooked in liquid at the boiling temperature of COCO ( OFF) at sea level, so that bubbles rise to the surface and break Braised Browned in a small amount of fat and then cooked slowly in a little liquid in a covered pan Broiled Cooked by direct heat, either under the source of heat, as in a broiler, or over the source of heat, as on a “blanch” or flat surface

Fried Cooked in fat. Deep-fried meaner cooked while immersed in a large amount of fat. Grilled Cooked over direct heat, usually hot coals or grill Pan-broiled Cooked in a heavy frying pan over direct heat, using little or no fat (same as broiled) Poached Simmered in enough liquid to cover the food always below the boiling point, usually at 650>ICC Roasted Cooked uncovered without liquids added, usually in an oven Saute©deed or Pan fried Browned or cooked in a small amount of hot fat Simmered

Cooked gently in a liquid over low heat Just below the boiling point Steamed Cooked in steam with or without pressure Stewed Simmered slowly in a little amount of liquid, covered with a lid Germinated (AU gratin) cheese topped dish, grilled in a salamander oven presenting a brown/golden crust. Glazed Cooked in an oven or pan, food is coated with a glossy, sweet or savory substance applied to food by dipping, dripping or with a brush. You can use butter/water with: brown sugar, honey, whole cloves, dry mustard, orange Juice…

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