Memorable moment Essay

t was a sweltering hot day and we were on our last moments of our gruelling holiday.

The fiery sun was at its peak as the everlasting walk to the train station was just a few steps away. I could see the crowds of millions of people who were waiting anxiously to depart. A sense of booming heart beats and uneasiness trembled its way into my frail body like water gushing down drains

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I arrived at the gouging train station. I stood frozen unable to budge as I observed the surroundings vigilantly. There were masses of people ranging from small saint like children to old fragile and towering young people. Swarms of flies covered the air like black smoke. The herd of people had tattered torn clothes and prickly unshaven faces. The smell of the polluted air and sweat mingled its path into my nostrils. Amongst those various sized people, I felt like a dwarf.

The people anticipated eagerly and gazed towards the spot where the train would arrive. Then an unruffled whispering sound of the train hustled and bustled as I held my brothers hand tightly. The civilian’s faces were trickling with sweat due to the menacing and immense heat, from the flaming sun. The constant jittering movement of the people was like the rapid motion of a mosquito wing. This conflict with the peeps made me struggle to stay together with my family.

The rattling metal bars and a glimpse of puffed smoke, caused confusion upon the platform. The rumbling of the train was now like a herd of horses running. I was deafened as it approached my sight. My breath was taken away by the prospect of the train, the swirly snaky wooden body made a racket of noise. Bodies were clinging from the side of the train like animals and some on the roof. This new ripe sight really caught my broken heart as it made me unaware of what was happening around us.

The train screeched and stopped. The hard rusty metal doors opened with a bang. We were bombarded by an avalanche of frantic running people. It was as though we were in ‘No man’s land’. It was like we were being pulled by the impregnable current of a whirlpool, as I lost the smoothing hand of my dearest mother.

I was struggling in vain, since searching in this oozing heat was unmanageable. My brother and I cried helplessly to get the minutest attention of my comfortable parent. The movement of the people slowly started to settle.

There were only a few people on the lifeless platform. No hope was to be found. My brother and I sat down in a grump. I felt isolated as tears trickled down my face and then creeping into my dry mouth. My veins were threatening to explode violently as I held my brother’s hand tight.

Suddenly I felt a strange sense of security as someone held me with concern. I looked around with confusion and bewilderment for who it would be. The sight caught my heart as it was the luminous blue pool eyes of my caring mother.


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