Memo Week 3 Dbm 381 Essay

Database Management Memorandum DBM 381 Database Management Project Attn: Technical Services/Logistics Manager Memorandum Overview This memorandum is created to explain normalization, its level and why it is sufficient for the system. We are all aware that Microsoft Access database is the best fit for the Taylor Ambulance Company. This database will be efficient in storing, tracking and billing incidents. To reduce redundancy in the system, it is important to apply normalization. Normalization is the processes where data are organize in a database.

This process includes creating tables and establishing keys and relationships of data between the tables. Normalization will also make the database more flexible, in which redundancy will be reduced and possibly completely eliminate. This will also reduce inconsistence dependency. It will also be faster to create queries between tables after the data is normalize. A non-normalize database is full of redundant data and it is unorganized. In efficiently storing data in the database, and eliminate redundancy, normalization is applied to be in five possible normal forms.

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Each form contains and enforces rules and some applies stricter rules based on the tables design. For the proposed database, we are using the third normal form design. This form will eliminate fields that do not depend on the key. In this form, tables meet the criteria for second normal form. Data that are not part of the key records will not be included in the tables. In other words, data that applies to more than one single record in the table will be placed in a separate table.

The third normal form is more ideal because the data gathered by Taylor Ambulance Company frequently changes. Overall, normalization is an important process to implement to ensure of the elimination of redundancy. Advantages of normalization process have great benefits that could help the organization’s database process to be efficient. Normalization could produce greater flexibility of the database, increase its effectiveness, lower maintenance costs and also maximize the database stability.


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