Meetings Essay

They should be positive experiences that uplift and titivated workers to improve their work and operation as a team. Despite the prevalence of meetings in the business world, it is not that uncommon to hear groans and sighs whenever the word ‘meeting is brought up. I personally have had jobs where monthly or weekly meetings were a requirement, and have been one of those people to dread having to sit in a room for an hour just wondering when it will be over.

In my experience with meetings they would essentially end up being the supervisor holding a eating for the strict purpose of explaining to all the employees about what they are doing wrong and what they need to do to improve it with no positives being discussed in the conversation. It usually would only be the higher-ups speaking you, with no time for the employees to try to speak what was on their mind or their input for any ideas or changes they could bring to the table.

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My coworkers and myself would leave the meeting in a bad mood and lose motivation for the rest of the day due to our bad experiences ND it didn’t take long until we all resented walking into the office. Obviously, this is definitely not a productive or correct way to hold a meeting because it is accomplishing the exact opposite of what it should. While my experience was that of just one company, I have heard plenty of stories just like mine from friends and family regarding their meeting experiences. Many companies need to take a step back and look at how their meetings are functioning and how it is impacting their workers.

They need to find out if heir employees are leaving the meeting in a good mood and how their attitudes in general are after participating. Successful meeting lead to greater job satisfaction and with greater job satisfaction means more productive workers and also employees that are more loyal to the company. If a person genuinely likes the company they work for and are happy to work with their supervisor, they are going to be much more enthusiastic and put more effort into their job and actually care about their performance and the results of their work.


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