Media Violence is not the leading cause of Real life violence Sample Essay

Violence in the twentieth century has proven to be an increasing societal job. Younger and younger young persons are showing themselves by perpetrating the most flagitious offenses. With this rise in young person related force. society as a whole has begun to indicate the finger. Everyone and everything under the Sun has been placed under the proverbial limelight. Our adeptness to put the incrimination and decide the job quickly has resulted in faulting one major facet of society in America. The Entertainment Industry has been singled out as the figure one cause of violent behaviour. By puting the incrimination entirely on media. we are ignoring 1000s of different societal jobs and sing any “study” as true testament. In order to come to grips with this job we must. as a whole. acknowledge and measure every facet of what causes force. In making so. we will happen that the media is non the taking cause of world based force. but a combination of many different factors.

With the debut of media and with the debut of telecasting in 1945. the universe has been united in a really good manner. As the old ages progressed. events of the universe have been able to be broadcast around the Earth. Last darks jobs in China are now known around the universe. Famine and disease in 3rd universe states are impacting people half manner around the Earth. As telecastings became progressively more popular and were going much more prevailing in the common family. the addition of homicides in the United States increased. A survey performed. showed that from 1945 to 1974. homicide rates increased 93 % in the United States. The same study proved about the same in Canada every bit good. This new type of media had the same consequence on society. as did the wireless. Families would garner around their wirelesss and listen to capturing plans. This household garnering brought integrity to household life and brought to a stopping point a long backbreaking twenty-four hours. Television had the same consequence as good.

Peoples could now set a face to what they heard. Bigger and better telecasting plans caught the attending of many and therefore brought about the jobs we are confronting as a state today. Media surely has had a profound consequence on its viewing audiences and hearers from twenty-four hours one. Before telecasting. the wireless mesmerized 1000000s. and even before that. newspapers. One such wireless plan in the 1930’s proved amazingly good. that it had a certain clasp on its hearing audience. On the eventide of October thirtieth 1938 1000s of hearers tuned into an Orson Wells plan entitled. “Mercury Theater on the air” in which an foreigner invasion was being broadcast. Unbeknownst to many of its audience members. this peculiar plan was. in fact. fiction. Merely broadcast for amusement value. Thousands of people took this as fact and pandemonium broke out nationally. This peculiar state of affairs proves that media. even in its babyhood. had a really dearly-won consequence on its hearers.

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Peoples who believe that media force is the figure one beginning of society based force can use many statistics and facts to endorse their stance. Certain violent films have been blamed for “real life” force. John Hinckley’s effort to assassinate the President in 1981 was inspired by the violent film. “Taxi Driver” . Television is one of the first beginnings of media force that kids come across. It is both powerful and permeant. Ocular images on telecasting or the large screen have a great impact on society. Millions of dollars are spent on advertizements. because the advertisement industry knows the type of impact images have on the consumers. Movies and telecasting are really similar. Movies and telecasting sell the thought of force alternatively of selling merchandises. Movies and telecasting bring a fantasy universe into the places of 1000000s twenty-four hours in and twenty-four hours out. The plans frequently show behavior and actions that are inspirational to its audience. A common ground media force affects bush leagues the manner it does is that kids are great impersonators.

Children frequently imitate telecasting heroes and aces who outsmart the “bad guy” . With ardent detonations and drag blaze auto pursuits. kids see this as the “good” thing to make. These so called heroes or “good guys” are imitated much more often than Martin Luther King. the President of the United States or Ghandi. Children are fascinated with the hero’s actions. normally violent. more than his visual aspect or catch phrase. As kids develop and mature. they will hold seen infinite hours of telecasting. The mean individual in the United States tickers near to 4 hours of telecasting a twenty-four hours. This changeless barrage of images over a class of many old ages will impact anyone in one manner or another. But does it take to high school slaughters and other grisly offenses?

The American Psychological Association stated. “that by 7th grade the mean kid has seen seven 1000 slayings and one hundred 1000 Acts of the Apostless of force on television” . After old ages of exposure. children’s degree of sympathy lessenings and they are progressively more desensitized to the sight of blood. natural slaughter and dead organic structures. This degree of desensitisation can greatly impact society as these kids step out into the existent universe. Military preparation involves desensitising the common individual. This desensitisation is critical in the military because vacillation to kill your attacker can ensue in your decease. The armed forces has stated that computing machine games such as Quake and Doom are used to assist ease a soldier’s “killing attitude” . Thousands of surveies related to this issue have stated that they can turn out that media force does hold a direct correlativity between existent life force in a really large manner. Is it the taking cause of offense? A survey in 1973. conducted in Canada. carefully observed foremost and 2nd graders after wiring the town with telecasting signals.

The consequence. after two old ages. showed that incidents of hitting. biting. and jostling. increased 160 per centum. Surveies similar to this one have been tested legion times and demo similar consequences. Aletha C. Huston. a professor at the University of Kansas and president of the American Psychological Association’s Task Force on Television and Society. stated that. “There is more published research on the subject of media force and its effects on existent life force. than about any other societal issue of our time” . Unfortunately this does non demo that it is all solid grounds. Not merely is force in premier clip telecasting and films. but it is besides in shows aimed towards younger kids. Saturday forenoon sketchs are satiated with violent Acts of the Apostless. A major concern with media force and its affects on existent life force is that effects for one’s actions are seldom seen.

Cartoons. plans aimed at younger audience members. seldom show effects for any error. Yosemite Sam is frequently shown hiting himself in the face by accident. but the over all consequence is nil more than exuberant laughter. The sing audience does non see any existent physical hurting or emotional jobs that go along with victims of violent offenses. As kids see this clip and clip once more. they begin to acquire the sense that being violent towards person else will ensue in nil more than a smack on the carpus. Possibly it will even be diverting. So their natural response might be to respond in a violent mode. Surveies have shown that seeing aggressive responses to certain emotions. such as. choler. can do people to move likewise when confronted by that same emotion in existent life. It causes an consequence called a “cueing effect” . When the “cued” individual feels he or she is being threatened. he or she acts in a preprogrammed mode.

Frequently a violent effusion. such as physically hitting person. or the really utmost response. which is to finally stop that person’s life. Research workers have besides stated that the human head becomes “preprogrammed subconsciously” by what we see in our mundane lives. A child’s reaction to anger could be simply a subconscious response. Even after surveies are released and are said to be cogent evidence of media force being the figure one impact on existent life force. after close scrutiny they have yet to give sound grounds of this.

Since the beginning of the colonisation of the United States. force has been a major portion of our history. In order to accomplish order and to set up ourselves as a state we felt the demand to “flex our muscles” . Proving to the remainder of the universe that we would last as a whole was a violent battle. Now that we have emerged into a powerful state. we are stepping back and measuring our society. Violence is non being tolerated any longer. Even though telecasting. films. picture games and music all play an highly critical function in our society today. force does non hold to be. There is no longer any argument as to whether force in the media is a serious job. The argument lies in how much of an affect does it hold and if it is the taking job. Media greatly influences the heads of everyone. But the most influential are the adolescent consumers. Does a stirring game of Quake II. a first individual computing machine game. in which the ultimate end is destructing a homicidal host of foreign monsters. trip a bloody violent disorder at a high school? Do violent word pictures of slaughter on screen create such monsters as Ted Bundy? In order to cover with our violent society we must detect everything associated with it.

Taken from a study by the Addressing Violence in Oklahoma Coalition they have taken many research workers positions and sentiments as to the chief factors attributed to violent behaviour. The chief factors that came out were broken down into groups. Social hazard factors. Community hazard factors. Family based hazard factors and Individual hazard factors. The major Social hazard factors established were poverty. racism. sex function socialisation. motivating events ( athleticss or political ) and high degrees of media force. The Community hazard factors that were mentioned were drugs. harlotry. young person packs. deficiency of community engagement or support for young persons. and witnessing force in the community. The Family-Based hazard factors were household disfunction. which includes domestic force. parental drug usage or alcohol addiction. physical or sexual maltreatment of kids. or chronic disregard of kids.

And the Individual hazard factors include. limited cognitive abilities. hapless communicating accomplishments. low ego regard. traumatic encephalon hurt. disregard as a kid. drug usage and strong “pent up” emotions. All of these factors are out at that place but no 1 will take them into consideration. Society wants the “quick fix” and it seems the “slowest traveling target” is the media. For the Addressing Violence in Oklahoma Coalition to see all these different jobs in society. we are one measure closer to coming to a rational decision as to what to make to control force. They stated that. “Effective bar schemes require the apprehension of how the potency for violent behaviour develops. Violence encompasses a big array of Acts of the Apostless and circumstances” .

In August 1993 in Los Angeles at the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton. a professor. a manufacturer. a child psychologist and a web president stood in forepart of 600 industry executives and had a heated statement on the affects of media force on existent life force. To the audience’s amazement. these. purportedly really intelligent people. experts in the field. could non even hold on what type of force was the worse: sketch force or diagrammatically elaborate force? Is “Happy” force worse or is “not-so-happy” force worse. Better yet. they could non even hold on a formal definition of what force truly is. Leting these types of people. with namby-pamby grounds. to seek to order what should be done to society without important research is a offense in itself.

From twenty-four hours one. a child’s development is characterized by construction. normally within a atomic household. A child’s growing is normally watched carefully by really protective parents who will take the kid down the right way. This does non ever guarantee that the kid will take a productive life though. If media today is satiated with 1000000s of violent Acts of the Apostless a twelvemonth ; it is necessary for the parents of the maturing and developing kid to be cognizant. The kid should be made cognizant that the media’s portraiture of certain state of affairss. violent or otherwise. should be simply ignored. understood or enjoyed. Media force can non be singularly blamed for any one person’s actions. Millions of kids are raised. sing infinite hours of fantasy force. but still are able to acknowledge the difference between right and incorrect. Society’s speedy finger indicating has lead to a cardinal fact traveling unnoticed ; have we placed the incrimination on the single themselves. household life or societal milieus? Research surveies on the affects of telecasting on kids are a immense and complex societal issue.

Extensive research and 1000s of statistics do non finally turn out that media is the figure one cause of existent life force. For research workers to state that media force is the taking cause of existent life force. they must genuinely believe every individual action. every word and every character on telecasting. the large screen or in music. is mimetic. After many old ages of research and 1000s of surveies. there still has non been a individual research survey that has been able to foretell violent effusions such as the Columbine High school slaughter. In a controlled experiment there are many things research workers can make. Possibly demoing a topic filmed force and so inquiring him if he would be more likely to perpetrate that same aggression. Possibly you can even acquire a topic to crush up on a doll if you stimulate the topic long plenty.

These types of experiments and trials show that kids can be aggressive when put into a certain state of affairs. Stuart Fischoff. Ph. D. a professor of Media Psychology. stated that. “researchers can non demo a topic 10 violent films and so see if he or she will pick up a gun and hit his aggressor” . This is why experiments done in research labs can non foretell the more barbarous offenses such as Columbine. Stuart besides said it best ; “to suggest otherwise is tantamount to marketing a drug for malignant neoplastic disease which research has shown remedies acne” .

Murderers. such as Ted Bundy. have been around for old ages but we do non fault media force as the figure one cause of their immorality. We normally take into consideration their mental province and other facts as good. Ted Bundy was a really good Christian All-American male child turning up. He lived in a loving place. But why was media force non suggested as the figure one ground he went on a homicidal violent disorder? Even when all this “evidence” proves that media force is the taking cause. Is it because no 1 can turn out that watching excessively much telecasting will ensue in viciously killing and feeding of a organic structure? Religion plays a really of import function in people’s lives. as does the media. yet both are filled with force. Yet. faith has non been mentioned. Research has shown that telecasting can take to aggressive behaviour on the “playground” . but it is still unable to nail what sparks the more barbarous violent deaths.

If people did non desire to see force in the media. how has it become such an of import portion of our lives? The every night intelligence ever has studies of some kind of force in the universe. why do we hold to cognize about it? The ground we are told about it is because we want to cognize about it. Society as a whole. sightseers at a scene of an accident. We want to cognize what is traveling on. The amusement industry simply shows us what we want to see. If we were non interested in force we would non even believe twice approximately traveling to see “Saving Private Ryan” or “Scream 3” . Blaming the amusement industry as the taking cause of offense in the United States does non keep up.

In a survey. it was shown that “the edification of children’s attitudes towards telecasting content alterations dramatically over clip. 34 % of kids aged five to seven believe that commercials ever tell the truth. but this drops to 5 % by the age of 11 to twelve. Relative to the attending paid to plans. attending paid to commercials beads by 21 % between the ages of five and seven and by 42 % between the ages of 11 and twelve” ( Ward. Reale. & A ; Levinson. 1972 ) . This shows that as kids mature. they become cognizant of what’s true or what’s false. Or what is incorrect or what is right. If kids know that a commercial is non wholly true why would they believe that traveling out with a laden scattergun and hiting at that place fellow schoolmates is right? Violence in poorer countries of society should be taken into affect as good. Can this be the taking cause of force? Of class it’s non. but it can add to it. Violent behaviour and condemnable activity has ever been associated with drug usage. packs. and urban life. Violence is everyplace. even where telecasting and films do non play a major function in every twenty-four hours life.

The life conditions and household life are cardinal subscribers to violence but they are non the taking cause of it either. Violence in topographic points such as the South Bronx is non entirely due to the media. It is a manner of life for the dwellers populating at that place. The drug usage. the harlotry and the packs are all subscribers of force in poorer parts of the universe. Poverty is most likely the dominant hazard factor for force in the South Bronx. It all depends on the state of affairs. The construction in 1s place can take to aggressive behaviour every bit good. If a kid lives in a dysfunctional place. and besides watches infinite hours of telecasting. these two factors might be the taking cause of force. There have been no research lab surveies that combine many cardinal factors together though. The place is where the kid learns and develops. And it is besides the most common site for force to happen. Family members or friends commit two out of every five homicides.

A major job with faulting one hazard factor. as the taking cause to force is that one can non categorise the hazard factors by magnitude. With the many hazard factors out at that place. there are an equal figure of factors that are considered “protective factors” . Protective factors being a sense of intent. for illustration. a belief in the hereafter. hopefulness. religion. educational aspirations. Other protective factors include job work outing accomplishments. societal competency and liberty. The relationship between the two is obvious because the bulk of the universe is non externally violent. The hazard factors and protective factors equally distribute themselves within a society. If the protective factors were non present in a society. so the hazard factors would interrupt the balance. Even when the balance is disrupted. faulting merely one hazard factor is asinine. A combination of hazard factors is a much more plausible decision.

The accent on faulting an outside force alternatively of keeping the kid accountable is a common happening among parents. In the twentieth century it is common for both parents to be pay earners alternatively of merely one. With both parents working. this consequences in less activity with a kid. Children are so left to fend for themselves and are non actively looked after. A concern that should be addressed is the sum of activity a kid is involved with. If a kid is merely obviously world-weary. and his or her parents are non about. that kid will look towards alternate ways to cover with ennui. Sometimes it is in the least effectual manner. be it running with the incorrect crowd. acquiring involved with drugs or remaining at place and watching hours of telecasting.

With our society come all the ailments of a typical society. As we improve our engineering we will be bettering the manner we live as a unit. It is common for us all to be concerned about jobs such as force among younger kids. In acknowledging that there is a job we must besides acknowledge everything involved. Extinguishing force will non be an over dark procedure. Blaming media force and coming to the decision it is the figure one cause of force is a simple alibi. The easiest mark in this instance is non the reply. The job will non be resolved if we curb telecasting force. even though it might assist to some grade. The most of import factor in this statement is taking a expression at every facet of society. Uniting all the research on all the ailments of society will assist. We have got to halt faulting one another and take action against the job of force.


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