McDonalds Drug Testing Essay


                    McDonalds Corporation  is the world largest chain of fast food restaurant serving over fifty four million customers daily. The company’s  primarily sells hamburgers,cheeseburgers among other products. According to the company’s vision  in providing high-quality safe food products while at the same time creating benefits to its employees,their customers,biodiversity,and the environment, the customer is the king and all its product are made with the customer in mind. A part of the company’s global commitment to promoting balanced active lifestyles. To ensure food safety, the company has been getting into partnerships with health,nutrition and education experts so as to develop and execute programs to help its customers lead balanced lives. McDonald s on the other hand uses the finest available supplies  which have to be tested and verified through carefully developed formulas.  For instance,it test all its meat before use so as to avoid making products infected with the mad cow disease. Another example is in the  control of  bird flu spread whereby the company has  been supporting the isolation of free-range chickens so as to curb the flu. This has helped the company to maintain high  quality  standards and safety so that its customers can feel secure when using  the products. The company also insists on its employees regularly checking the products being prepared or which are being served.

            McDonald s has been regularly been conducting drug tests on their cooking oils and in the year 2007,the company was able to to make  new trans-fat free oil . Thus they stopped using the artificial artery- clogging trans fat. The company also continues with focus on its menu choice, education, physical  activity through healthy lifestyles  initiatives.   This shows that the company is truly committed to offering information about healthy lifestyles and quality menu choices to its customers. This has greatly enabled its customers to adopt active,balanced lifestyles habits including children as well. The company also  sponsors physical fitness programs and other physical activities, displays nutrition facts in almost all  of its products so that people can know which products can feet in their individual lifestyle needs.  Through all this,its clear that the company has been able to help its customers to avoid health  complications. for instance, obesity, and heart attacks (Young and Nestle 246). The company has also  been able to  overcome  increased civil and criminal litigations against it  thereby increasing customer confidence,strengthening of its brand name among other things.More to that, any of its employees found to be abusing drugs is handed over to the police and  loses his or her job. Having looked at the above, its clear that the issue of drug testing remains a key area the company cannot ignore as failure to conduct this can have serious  damaging effects on the business and its existence.


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Young, L.R ; Nestle, M.(2002). USA obesity. American journal of public Health 92, 246.



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