McCain va Obama Essay

            A fellow has recently pointed out that “no election in our life tie will be more historic than the one in which Americans are about to vote.” There is certainly no doubt as to the validity of this statement n my mind but I am concerned if the history Americans are about to make would be kind to them in the long run. “history will be kind to me because I intend to write it” declared Churchill. For me, there can only be one way of doing this, by voting senator John McCain from Arizona. McCain offers himself to the service of America by declaring that “ to sacrifice for a cause greater than yourself and to sacrifice your life to the eminence of that cause is the noblest activity of all.”

            Over his many years of living, senator McCain has devoted himself to the service of America, as a soldier, a senator, a public servant and a prisoner of war for five and a half odd years. His experience and proven strength of character over these years put him ahead in terms of what qualities the white house of today needs ever so badly. No people can reject the wisdom of age and yet hope for prosperity. For the sun that shoe when our fathers were born will still shine when our last of our grand children goes down the grave.

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            The American economy has for many decades, been perhaps the greatest source of pride to her citizens. It is not surprising therefore, that both candidates have always made proposals they hoe would save the economy from the looming crisis. But which of them has the best proposal?

            Obama intends to spend an extra $50 billion in financing tax cuts for companies that provide jobs. Unfortunately, his plans, rather than helping the economy, would increase government spending and raise taxes unduly. And in the end, this is not a workable option in a weak economy (to which Obama also agrees). What then? Does Obama mean to suggest to Americans that the economy strong at this point in time so as to deserve this kind of “strong” policy? As Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesman rightly put it, “It s clear that the economy is hurting, that Americans need across-the-board tax relief,, and yet Barack Obama has proven unwilling to break with the left-wing of his party and stand up for the American tax payer. Interestingly, Barack Obama called a moratorium on foreclosures, which is a policy he had previously labeled “disastrous” when it was proposed by a political opponent. Proving yet again that Barack Obama’s positions on the issues are tied to elections, not solutions for the American people.” And this is no little a fault, for what America needs a president who is focused and consistent. A president who has a vision that pressures and opposition would not change. Not one who would act just to stay tops in the poles.

            On the contrary, McCain plans to improve economic growth, make jobs available, more in number and better in quality, move Americans forward as a people and save the people from the burden of more and more tax. Indeed, “if you believe you should pay more taxes, I am the wrong candidate for you…jobs are the most important thing our economy creates” says McCain.

            There is another disaster waiting to happen. That’s of course if Obama makes it to the white house. For the sake of our economy, Obama intends to terminate all trade agreements between America and allies world wide because he feels they are not necessarily needed. This is again way way off the mark. American products are some of the most popular items in some of these countries and the huge exports of American goods to such nations of the world not only earns America foreign exchange, it also creates jobs for Americans both directly and indirectly. The range of persons that this covers is also tremendous on both sides of the divide. Also, goods imported from this countries are usually very cheap and thus easily affordable for the middle-class and the low-income earners. Now these same set of people are the ones Obama claims to be protecting at all times via his tax policies. But is not a case of giving with one hand and collecting with the other? Finally, the leverage that America has on many partners and nations of the world is directly hinged upon the trade agreements and ties shared with such counties. The termination of such international trade agreements would simply mean the loss of this tremendous influence on such nations. The negative impact of this especially on the war against terrorism is better imagined than experienced. Given the wisdom of McCain, he has proposed to do the exact opposite. Won’t America be better under the leadership of this man? Or does not the wisdom of the Great Depression tell us that weak economies, rather than breaking international trade ties, should rather seek to strengthen them or form new ones if non-existent?

            Again, McCain’s answers to our scientific challenges have been more realistic to say the least. While Obama claims America can achieve an 80% cut in carbon emissions by the year 2050, McCain proposes a more modest 60% cut in the same period instead. Giving the level of dependence America has on carbon fuels at the moment and the minimal progress achieved in reduction in the last few years, one does not need a soot sayer to detect the grandiose ambitiousness of Obama’s plan. As a matter of fact, were elections won by targets alone, Obama is our best candidate but if realizable aims and objectives are what we desire, it won’t take us long to appreciate the reality in McCain’s plan. As a solution to America’s energy needs, Obama has promised to invest in research into renewable energy sources. How much success is targeted or indeed achievable within the next decade is everyone’s guess. But here is a more realistic plan. McCain thinks America should source for more oil fields to meet her energy demand and to also free herself from the undue hold that oil producing states have come to have on the nation’s economy in recent years. Again, Obama does not seem to recognize this. As a complementary effort, McCain also proposes to build another 40 nuclear power stations across the country. So what do all of these boil down to? Energy security, freedom from modern-day colonization, and a cut in carbon emissions in the long run.

            Another big plus that McCain would offer Americans is his less-than-divisive nature. We all wondered what would become of the chances of the democrats in the general elections following an acrimonious and bitter primary contest in the last one year. No sphere of life was spared as accusations and counter accusations trailed both candidates from their past to the present, their churches to their homes, and all sorts. Indeed, there was a threat of an appeal against obama’s candidacy due to some alleged discrepancies in some states during the campaign. And we know don’t we, that Obama played no little a role in this show. Can anyone beat him to that?

            On the contrary, McCain troubled no one, he neither stepped on toes nor did he raise to much dust, not even while he was very much behind. Most importantly though was his amazing come back to take the elections. McCain was not driven by the strength of youth neither was it the selfishness of ambition. It was and is the pure desire to serve the people of America with he has got. That is what keeps this old man going and without any rancor, this nation would be led by this rare gem of our time. So what do we expect? Peace and co-operation across party lines as well as racial divisons.

            Again, the foresight of McCain in granting his support to the troupe surge in Iraq has now been justified without any iota of doubt. Today, violence levels in Iraq are down by as much as 80% in about two years and who says this improvement cannot be sustained? Yet this was a plan vehemently resisted by Obama who was so sure the surge would only increase expenditure in cash and lives. He spoke with so much zest as usual but as we see today. Obama was wrong and indeed, Obama is still wrong. For he offers us yet another pit fall – phased withdrawal. This is just the exact opposite of the surge strategy. We had a surge so let’s take it down gradually too and get us back again to where we were few years ago is all his proposals will come to mean for Americans. Really, it’s a shame that Obama can not admit that he was wrong as far as Iraq is concerned and accept McCain’s judgment as being superior to his. This attitude certainly does not fit the white house. He is simply bent on saving his face at all costs again confirming the accusation that the election is more important to him than the American nation. Or how else do we explain Obama’s urge on us to depart from what is working and take on what having not tried out yet, fails to stand to reason? The cost of the war is great but greater is the cost of losing it. And greater woes would befall America if victory ever goes to the terrorists.

            The less-than-enthusiastic approach of McCain to stem cell research is also commendable. McCain has consistently shown utmost respect for human life whether it be a fetus or an adult. For how shall the leader of the world defend a cause that reduces human beings, be they ever so small, to laboratory equipments and materials? Must one die for the other to live? Where then would be the core value that sets America apart from all other nations of the world – Freedom?

            In like manner, the Roe v Wade did not enjoy McCain’s support. For America can never be justified if she funds abortion with tax payer’s money and procures abortion for her youths even without the slightest recourse to their parents or guardians. Really, this makes me sick and I can imagine Washington mourning the derailment that some are bent on bringing on America.

            When asked to subscribe to public financing of their campaign, McCain and Obama both agreed to it. Its shocking o observe though that Obama Has now gone back on his words to bring on private donors for his campaign. This obviously has played no little a role in the massive publicity he has had of late. This again raises our old question, “is Obama really out for the total good of America only?” Or why did he agree in the first place to have his campaign funded by public finance? I have a guess. Again, it was just to win people over yet again and of course see if McCain would tread the same path of shame as he. Obama has since gone ahead with very expensive and expansive campaigns that have done him a lot of good in the national polls. But when a man cannot stand by his words, is he fit to lead the most prosperous nation any human has seen? I think not. On the contrary, McCain has continued to have his campaign run by public finance and even though he trails in the polls, he has refused to let go of his integrity. I am convinced that history will have quite a lot to say about this great man of our time.

            At this age of his life, most people would simply retire to their country home with their grand children and enjoy their retirement benefits. This is even truer when your life has been one of many achievements. I urge you to take a second look at, and a second thought of (if the wrong choice is hat you have always stood by) this man who has refused to go the way of the majority and average man. Does he not represent the American spirit more? Does he not remind us of values we would want our children yet unborn to emulate? Does he not awaken in us a renaissance of our belief in the American dream? More than any one else!


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