MBA in accounting – admission Essay

One of my most important dreams in life is to get an MBA degree from a well-renowned university in the USA. According to my research based on a variety of sources and word of mouth from friends and relatives, the California State University in East Bay is considered as one of the best business schools in the US for the last 3 consecutive years. More so, Cal State East Bay offers a lot of things to their students such as a big Alumni network, wide range of fields of study, highly qualified faculty members. All these factors can help facilitate the accomplishment of my set goals and objectives. Furthermore, Cal State East Bay has the best open option for financial aid which can help reduce my financial load. Additionally, Cal State University’s location is relatively near to my home so it will be in my utmost convenience if I get accepted in the university because I can just use the Bart (train) as the mode of transportation to go to school. Cal State East Bay is also designed with a four quarter semester every school year. This feature of the university can help me to finish my degree in a short amount of time.

In terms of my academic background, I have completed a bachelor’s degree in Geography in a university in Bangladesh. I initially took up an executive MBA in American International University in Bangladesh (AIUB). At AIUB, I have completed two semesters (9 credits) but I was not able to complete the program because I had to move to the USA. Prior to my MBA, I worked as a customer relation officer for more then 3 years in Grameen Phone which is a cell phone company. After this, I also worked as a customer care executive for 1 and half years at Bijoy Online which is an internet service provider. By 2006, I got married and then moved to the USA. When I resigned from my job, many of my colleagues felt that I was making a wrong decision. They thought that moving to another country would end my career. But for me, I took it as a challenge that can bring a lot of opportunities for me and my family. Acquiring higher education in one of the best Graduate School in America can guarantee me a high-quality education and at the same time a lucrative job in some of the county’s top performing multinational companies. It is because of these reasons that I decided to start my journey towards Business school in US.

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Moreover, I consider MBA as an opportunity to experience more challenging and interesting experiences in this particular field. I want to concentrate in MBA in accounting and minor in finance. Then, eventually I want pursue a career as a Certified Public Accountant. My choice to change my field of interest from geography to accounting was influenced by the many financial and professional benefits that an accounting graduate can have in my country and in the US.

As the first step in making my goals a reality, I have already completed a total of 25 credits in English and Math from the Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA. My grades have been excellent which serve as an evidence of my commitment to higher learning. Currently, I am taking GMAT workshop classes to improve my English speaking and writing skills. By November, I will be taking my GMAT exam.

Overall, I believe that I am a very hard working and highly focused person. These traits will definitely help in the realization of my dreams. More so, I am equipped with an intense dedication and concentration to pursue and complete my MBA degree at Cal State University. Furthermore, I believe that Cal State University can provide me with the necessary knowledge and training that can give me an edge in the field of accounting.


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