MBA application Essay

The world has become smaller than it used to be with the emergence of globalization. Consequently, in this smaller world, competition in the world of business has become tighter and harsher than ever. Such a highly competitive environment has compelled most companies to raise their standards in order to improve quality of performance and come out victorious from the tight competition. Naturally, these companies have applied elevated standards not only to their physical resources, but to their human resources as well. Thus, to become further attractive in the eyes of business owners and achieve my career objectives, I have sought to complete my master’s degree in business administration at Rotman School of Management.

In order to increase the quality of their human capital, companies only recruit the best people. After I graduated with honors from King Adbulaziz University in Jeddah with a degree in industrial engineering, I found myself as one these best people, as many companies extended their wish to offer me a job. Following my internship/part-time work as a production line supervisor at Nema Est., I immediately landed a job in Ismail Abudawood Trading Company where I assumed a managerial position as the supply planner in the logistics department of its product supply unit. My tasks included devising plans and scheduling product levels of Procter and Gamble products in my home country (Saudi Arabia) for export, managing inventory of locally produced and imported products, handling promotions and product availability in markets, and ensuring customer satisfaction and case fill rate with the target level.

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My job experience in Ismail Abudawood has taught me a great deal of knowledge in business, specifically in marketing and logistics and supply chain management. Working for this company has further increased my credibility as an individual. However, as someone who has set a high standard for himself, I have always believed that I was made to attain higher goals. Specifically, these goals include my short-term career goal of obtaining a challenging managerial position in a company that allows me to use and expand my current skill set and participate in the success and the development of that company, and my long-term career goal of becoming a business owner who provides decent jobs with high standard living features. I also aim to become socially responsible person and learn various foreign languages, become knowledgeable in business, travel and visit new places, and invest in societies through my knowledge in business that benefits humanity. Hence, when I was granted with a scholarship by the government of Saudi, I accepted it without hesitation, even if it meant losing a good job that many people would strive hard to attain. Moreover, despite my high credentials, I realized that they are not enough to bring me closer to my career goals. Even if they may lead the path towards my goals, it might take a long time before I reach them. Thus, in order to achieve my career objectives, I found the need to obtain a master’s degree in business administration.

The fist step towards attaining my career objectives is to become proficient in the language that global businesses use today—English. Although I already have an excellent grasp of the language, I believe that a high proficiency in the English language can take me to new heights that I may not be able to set foot on with limited English speaking and writing skills. Hence, I took a course on Advanced Academic English at the University of Toronto. Then, after arming myself with excellent skills in English, I knew that I am prepared to take the two-year Full Time MBA program of Rotman School of Management.

As I have high expectations of myself, I am bound to settle for only the best. Thus, when I learned of its credibility as an institution and its multicultural environment, Rotman struck me as the school where I should obtain my MBA degree. I believe that its MBA program, which is ranked as one of the Top 20 programs in the world, would stimulate my intellect, challenge the skills that I possess, and aid me in developing new skills, particularly those that are crucial in managing a business. In addition, its multicultural approach to education can definitely aid international students like me to live and cope up with the school’s culturally diverse environment and Canada’s equally rich and diverse culture.

I also believe that the program can stretch my strengths, such as excellent skills in planning, organization, decision-making, creativity, leadership, and teamwork, exceptional ability to work under pressure, and an entrepreneur mindset, to their limits in order to further improve them. Rotman’s Integrative Thinking approach to education is especially designed to test my strengths in order to enhance them. This approach can provide me with not only the essential concepts in business, but also their application in a highly competitive business environment where I need to further fortify my strengths to survive and succeed in my future business endeavors.

Moreover, its strategic location can help me land a satisfying job at a prestigious multi-national firm. Its Corporate Connections Centre can especially assist me in employing strategies in marketing myself in order to bring out my potential when searching for a job. I believe these are indispensable strategies that would not only be advantageous in searching for a job, but also in establishing a business where the entrepreneur has to believe in the product or service that he or she is selling.

In today’s corporate environment that is marked with tighter and harsher competition, having an MBA degree can greatly help someone like me who has the ambition of reaching high goals and achieving competitive edge to beat others in getting a challenging and rewarding job. However, an MBA degree, as a supplement to the knowledge, abilities, and talents that an individual already possesses, can only take him or her to a certain extent; without the determination to succeed, the potential of a talented and intelligent MBA degree holder would be limited. Hence, having an MBA degree is only a step towards the realization of my career goals. In order to have thriving career and business of my own in the future, I should have unwavering perseverance and commitment in the face of every ordeal I encounter. I do not doubt, however, that I will display these qualities at times when my patience would be tested, because I was able to go through hard times in my life armed only with my wits, courage, and devotion to my work.


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