Mastering English in Business I – Proposal Essay

Scope, the scope of the literature review Include the types of Interviewee and the types of the Industry. Specially, the range of the secondary data Is wild, that means It Is easy appear the noise and affect the data. Authority, the researchers have authority to get the data set and the questionnaire that means this data Is reliable. Audience not the same with our audience pool. Also, it have varies and professional predicates& in it, thus it is not easy to understand the content. Lech 2 Literature review and referencing: Q. 3 Management research question hierarchy for a management dilemma.

We can focus on many management problems and should start with a symptom to reveal the management dilemma. For example: High worker turnover, explore the hiring, pay, scheduling and training etc. Complaints about the workers disproportionate effort or results not reflected in their pay, explore the pay, benefits, scheduling and productivity programs. Workers not reporting for the scheduled shifts, explore scheduling Low number of customers remember the advertising, explore the message, media and timing. Lech 6 Sampling Methods: Q. Describe the differences between a probability sample and a inviolability sample. 6%) A inviolability sample is nonrandom selection, arbitrary and subjective. When we choose subjectively, we usually do with a pattern and scheme in mind, such as only the women and young people. Each member of the population does not known the chance of being include. A probability sample is random selection and each population element is given a nonzero chance of selection, have equal chance to selection. This procedure is never haphazard/ no planning Lech 6 Sampling methods: Q. Why would a research use a quota purposive sample? (6%) Quota sampling is used to improve representatives. The logic behind the quota sampling is certain the relevant characteristics describe the dimensions of the population. If the sample has the same distribution on these characteristics, it is likely to be representative of the population regarding other variables on which we have no control. For example: If the student body of Metro U is 55% female and 45% male, the sampling quota would call for sampling students at 55 to 45 percent ratio.

This would eliminate distortions due to a unrepresentative gender ratio. Lech 6 Sampling Methods: Q. 6 How would you conduct a reasonably reliable inviolability study? Lactate the proportion. Logical selection of data on the sample are Gender of the concert attendee and musical type, since both of reflected in historical data. Use the historical data which can set the desired cell proportions base on the popularity of the music or number of concert attendees for the music type compared to attendees.

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Sine data are available by gender, we can set interview quotas for males and females, in proportion to the importance of each in the total attendee pool. Someone is likely to identify and important point that 1 . Musical tastes change and should use caution in using the old data 2. Some music is enduring that it wouldn’t matter how far back you look 3. Others will note that music has generation bias 4. Decision will depend on the manager confidence in the historical data as good reflection of attendees type. Lech 4 Q. 4 Since you know relatively little about this subject, how will you find out?

Be as specific as possible. A good first step would be some exploratory research when researchers lack clear ideas of the problem. This could be a study of secondary data analysis. For example: Search of the secondary literature, such as Journal and swapper articles on hospital volunteers Extended reference of the reference listed in publications Publications relating to the subject of volunteer training Publications relating to major hospital and targeting volunteers The internet search relating to volunteers and training.

Also, the experience survey and the group interview it can seek a person’s ideas and important issues across the subject knowledge and exploratory the expert opinions. For example: The coordinators of volunteers in hospital The volunteers in hospital area. Follow up the secondary data study, the secondary data based case studies which loud possible parallel the hospital context in size, scale and industry. We can use the training agency that be contracted to conduct study Lech 7 Data Collection : Q. How to improve the response rate Clearly specified return directions and devices, such as enclosed the response envelopes and the postage stamped to improve the response rate. Monetary incentives for the participation increase the response rate A promise of anonymity, for participation is essential What might you do to improve the response rate? I would compose an introduction letter to explains the purpose of the survey for the artificial participation. Further, I would (Promise of anonymity) guarantee the information confidentiality and anonymity.

The survey should be carefully thought out and published, in order to make a strong and professional appeal (A appeal for participant is essential) Follow up the nonresidents via postcard, then phone and enclosed the envelopes and postage stamped to responders. For incentive the responders, (Monetary incentives) for the appropriate audience, an incentive could be offered, such as coupon and gift. Lech 8 Q. 15 A) Do you read National Geographic magazine regularly? It lead the participant asking whether he/ she read this prestigeГ?E magazine. It will over report the readership Regularly can be interpreted in different ways.

The question contain vocabulary with single meaning. We can use How often. How often do you read the XX magazine? B) What percentage of your time is spent asking for information from others in your organization? It presents the participant with a difficult estimation’sГ¤task requiring information and is unlikely to have readily available. It is unclear question, and not clear concerted with verbal or any form of request. C) When did you first start chewing gum? It concerns a trivial and in the distant past, the participant not easy to remember.

D) How much “Discretionary buying power” do you have each year? The meaning of “Discretionary buying power” is not easily understood and the meaning not clear. The question vocabularies do not use the specific wording and the participant easy to understand. E) Why did you decide to attend XX university? It is a sample “why’ question that without the frame of reference open to the participant. The answer is important to the research it should probably expand and SE the open end question to ask and the question need provide the options to choose.

F) Do you think the president is doing a good Job now? Probably bias response in direction. Also, the question is too vague and it is present to participant the question contain a misleading assumptions. Lech 8 Q. 16 A number of criticisms may be made, but among the most likely are the following: First, there are several format problems that could be improved. The order of questions is not bad except for putting the overall evaluation at the beginning, it is influence how the individual questions are answered Second, failure to provide adequate space for response.

It would give more guidance for answer sought. Lack of specific indications, this effect in some participants merely checking some parts or answer the unexpected way. Q. L The summary question should be placed much later. The scale of good-fair-poor, too vague concepts Q. 2 List the response choice “yes or no” or the sensitive scale “1 to 5”. AAA, the wording have many interpreted. B, the question too crude and vague in concept c, “Attitude” too vague and subject to variable interpretations if, the multiple question, should be broken into several


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