Mastering a Skill Essay

Mastering a Skill

            Every individual has a skill that he or she has acquired and mastered in his or her lifetime through different experiences and situations. On the other hand, there are people who still need to hone their skills in order to overcome life’s challenges. At present, I noticed that people are focused on their careers to the extent that they no longer have time for other things. They are also extremely caught up with their fast-paced lifestyle that they neglect the important aspects of their lives. Therefore, I propose that there must be a certain skill which they must learn in order for them to excel in work and conquer the difficulties in life, and that is the skill of organization.

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            The need to move fast is very much evident in the lifestyle of most people nowadays. It seems that everyone is in a hurry to finish something in order to start another work immediately. Everybody also appears to pay attention only to the things that he or she needs to do, most of which are work-related, at the expense of what they truly need — the important matters in their lives (family relationships, etc.). Because of this lifestyle, I have observed that people have become like robots. Most individuals are required to do that same things everyday. If not, they would be told by society as sluggish or apathetic. However, I do believe that, in order for them to get out of the usual routine of work, they need to gain organizational skills to efficiently accomplish all the things that they need to do.

            Every individual must have organizational skills in order for him or her to balance the tasks that are needed to do for the day or for the week. Most people do not have the skill to organize their tasks, which causes them to miss their deadlines or overlook their responsibilities. For instance, at work, the lack of organizational skills causes uncompleted tasks to accumulate and pile up, as the tasks that are supposed to be done are not yet accomplished. Consequently, the individual who lacks this crucial skill would be perceived as either irresponsible or inefficient, which, at worst, may lead to his or her termination. With the next employer, he or she might eventually take the habit of being unorganized and would be repeating the same cycle again. Hence, individuals must learn how to be organized and balance the time that they have in order to perform their job effectively.

I have noticed that, due to work, many people are unable to spend time with their family, which leads to different sociological aspects such as early pregnancy, drug abuse and etc.           Thus, in a household, the family members should also learn and enhance their organizational skills, specifically in terms of managing their time. They must allot time for one another, most especially for the children. Parents must learn how to manage their time so they can spend quality time with their family. If the parents are working, they must acquire and master the skill of organization to complete their job requirements in the office so they can have a relaxing time with their children at home. In this way, the parents can focus on their children’s welfare and establish a closer relationship them.

            In conclusion, every person must learn how to organize their tasks in order to enjoy life. Having organizational skills makes a person an efficient worker, which, as a result, may provide him or her with the opportunity to become successful in his or her chosen career.

In addition, learning to manage and organize one’s time would not only result in greater family relationships; it would also provide a person more time to relax and take a break from the stress brought by work and other daily activities. Moreover, having more time to spend for more important matters in life can greatly contribute to personal growth. Hence, organizational skills can help people lead fruitful and satisfying lives.


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