MasterCard or Visa Essay

MasterCard or Visa. Which one is better than the other? Is there an advantage of having one over the other? Will either one of them provide you with a higher credit status? Will you get a greater benefit of using MA than VI? In actual fact, there are only a number of inconspicuous differences between the two credit card brands. Let us turn the table then and benefit from these by using their rivalry to your advantage by acquiring a better understanding of the two companies.

As we go along and compare the benefits of these two credit card businesses, take note that MasterCard and Visa are not credit card brands but are payment systems, that is, they are groups of financial institutions that backed each other up to guarantee that the charges the holder makes on his card would be paid, wherever, whenever.

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            Many people would ask themselves some nit-picking questions as to which card to get, MasterCard or Visa, whether it would be their first or additional card. Apparently, choosing between the two might be baffling but you can’t go wrong with either card. This research paper though, will provide you with an idea that MasterCard is better off than Visa.

            MasterCard has been renowned as a fast-paced beneficiary of a wider global merchant coverage, larger electronic-based, consumer-friendly products and more focal perhaps, is that MA is not overly dependent on Western consumer expenditures. The company developed the MasterCard Worldwide which is now a dynamic force at the heart of commerce, focused on global transactions. This made them widely accepted in more than 23 million locations compared to only 20 million with Visa. With this marketing strategy, their card acceptability merits a more recognized market to merchants and advocates thus, creating wider latitude of users, subsequently, gaining higher market shares. As to consumer benefits, interest rates and flexibility of payment, MA developed the MasterCard Payment Products and Solutions which offers consumers unprecedented state-of-the-art security, convenience and control. This provides new ways to assist merchants and other businesses enhance profits, cost controls, and aid valuable insights to consumers spending.

            With these two marketing strategies alone, one must develop a strategically supported decision to get a MasterCard, be it the first or additional card. You would not want to be unrecognized whenever, wherever!


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