Master of Science in Biotechnology: My Greatest Dream Essay

Master of Science in Biotechnology: My Greatest Dream

I have always thought that life would be a lot more complicated than it seems. When I was younger, I had a lot of questions about my surroundings; most of which I found very challenging. I though to myself how different I am – and how much of myself I could give to help other people.

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I first realized my inclination to Biotechnology when I read about problems concerning this field. In addition to this I use to read articles and watch news linked to issues about the dynamic industry of Biotechnology. Nowadays, “biotechnology continues to expand rapidly with new discoveries and often life-saving products at a breathtaking pace. This industry, a merger of science and business, demands a multi-disciplinary workforce skilled in basic-research, product development, regulatory affairs and commercialization.”

For some apparent reason, I found it every easy to deal with this type of profession. I am confident that I will be able to handle situations. I have always believed that life should be treated with utmost excitement and positive thinking. The experiences that we have in our lives should be used as our drive to correct our mistakes and excel in our chosen field.

            As a student, I always strive to achieve excellence. I give my one hundred percent in everything, whether for an examination, or in organizing various activities. It has always been my belief that education is the most important thing in every person’s life. This is the perfect time to learn, and at the same time enjoy what you are passionate with.

            My determination and perseverance to achieve my goals inspired me to excel both in my co-curricular and extracurricular activities. I was always recognized and admired for my craft and diligence in school, and that paved way for me to really strive hard and give my very best in everything that I do. I graduated from (insert name of school here) and have extra classes devoted to learning more about the English language.

I took Three ESL semester at Bunker Hill Community College. I am really glad that I chose to study more about English. The institute is one enlightened path towards a brighter future for me. Studying the English language has been one great and enjoyable experience for me. The said program provided me a comprehensive academic program designed for international students whose primary language is not English. I have excellent grades upon enrolling there. However, my health interfered with my studies and made me not admitted to the third semester. It was a disappointing experience for me but I was able to register at Boston Academy of English which paved way to a lot of improvement.

The program made a total improvement on my English skills; My educational experience there had taught me to achieve greater proficiency in understanding, reading, writing and speaking English.  It also offers wider academic resources and opportunities that will deepen my expertise and broaden my perspectives about English. Moreover, professors who are also language experts were able to help me hone my skills in this field which I have yet to encounter. Because of the tutorial session and other educational activities, I have learned the language easily. There are lessons focusing oral/aural skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, grammar usage, and writing skills development.

By being an ESL student, I was able to participate in a variety of activities in order to learn English faster by actively using the language every now and then.  The absence of my self esteem is changed because of ESL. The program has helped me recover from humiliation for being ignorant of the universal language. What I have learned was put into practice when I started working since April 2006. I worked for Logan airport as a security personnel and as a retailer at Lord and Taylor. Having the chance to work in different fields, made me received awards in selling and friendliness. This gave me more realizations and tips in dealing with other people using the English language. With a good understanding and communicating with customers in English, I will be more competitive in the industry of biotechnology in the future.

English is really a difficult language to learn. But I am proud to say that I was able to learn the basics of the language because of ESL. The tutorial sessions and the computer-assisted language learning made me more confident. The said lessons have eased the transition from studying one’s native language to using English in all my academic subjects. Learning is a freedom best enjoyed by everyone regardless of what country he or she came from. This is one way of uniting the world by learning one language, a language that is best and easily understood—English.

Studying biotechnology is not as easy as those other courses. I know for a fact that a lot of hard work, determination, and persistence are needed to succeed; and I am very much willing to do them. The knowledge that your school can offer me will definitely help me not only to enhance my craft, but also share that acquired knowledge to those who are in dire need of them.

I believe that this university can inculcate in me a higher education. It is my belief that this university will also continue to broaden my thoughts with views from different perspectives. I want to utilize the knowledge and training that the professors attain, and build my own views on top of what I learn. These can help me to approach life differently, with a greater understanding and a better perspective.

As a student, I hope that the school can hone my knowledge and talents with regards to my chosen field of study. I want to be able to establish a better understanding of myself. I would also want to take this opportunity to develop my personality, and interact with more people, through my day to day activities and experiences.

            Being given the chance to study in your school will forever be one of the greatest achievements that I can have in my life. I know that your school has produced a lot of great doctors who have contributed much not only to themselves but also to their society as well. I, for one, would want to be known as one of those biotechnologists who have attained such.

                        When accepted at _____________________(Please put the name of your college), I know that the knowledge that I have acquired through the many years of experience will be well crafted by this school. Everything that I need to achieve my goals is in this school – it is the channel to my dream of helping others and making this society a better place to live in. Being given the opportunity to graduate from your school can be the icing to my cake, but what matters most is that you will give me the chance to shine and contribute my skills to those who are mostly in need of my services. This is something that I will forever hold in my heart.

            In a few years time, I will be given that rare chance of going up the stage to receive the hard earned diploma. This will be my key inspiration in giving my best to excel in my chosen field. I know that I will never my admission to your school, ever in a lifetime. This is one of those decisions that will influence the rest of my life.



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