Marking Essay

            Queen Mary 2, the grandest and largest transatlantic liner in the world, is the pride of Cunard Line. As Cunard’s president and chief operating officer, Pamela Conover claims, Queen Mary 2 is destined to be the most famous ship in the world. Figures show that Conover claims is true, with a weight of 151,400 tons; Queen Mary 2 is the largest liner in the world. Not only Queen Mary 2 is the largest but also the longest, tallest, widest and most expensive liner ever built in history, with 345 meters long, 72 meters in height, 41 meters in width and a cost of 800 million dollars. This large liner is really a great ship, so is there a great reason to build Queen Mary 2 for Cunard Line?

            Queen Mary 2 can cruise in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Canada, and Europe and in the United States. Through the days of sailing in any of this destination, many activities are offered by the ship. Classes and lectures are available through-out your travel. Queen Mary 2 gives a quite social gathering for their passenger. Their entire concern for the passengers is to give a treatment for royalties. Through these effort businesses inside the ocean liner makes a good profit in exchange for their hospitality and good services.

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            The dining experience in each cruise of Queen Mary 2 is an exquisite moment for all passengers. Ten dining venues are available inside the liner, each serving delicacies that should be experience. The services are wonderful; waiters are trained to give each passenger the taste of each region’s delicacies. The Queen Mary 2 is concerned with the pleasure of each passenger.

            Through the launch of Queen Mary 2, Cunard showed its concerns with the societal and ethical of marketing. Queen Mary 2 is a large liner that can hold a large number of passengers which can interact with each other through lecture and workshop available through-out the cruise. Events for all ages and organizations are also available like get-togethers. With their services and great venues like planetarium and library, the passengers can socialize while each business to profit. The concern of Cunard is not just societal but also ethical.

            The launch of Queen Mary 2 showed the concern of Cunard to the ethic of marketing. Cunard exercise good managing practices through giving good hospitality and fairness to each passengers. The accommodation for the passengers are well design to suite their budget. Services are a factor to tell that Cunard is ethical concern. The proper services provide a good example of responsibility. Queen Mary 2 is not just a liner of quantity but also quality. The quality of venues like restaurant managed by renowned chefs like Todd English, gives a view to the hospitality of Cunard. Cunard aims to provide every need of each passenger while giving a chance to businesses to flourish.

            The launch of Queen Mary 2 is a great sight to see how societal and ethical concerns work. Cunard provides lot of pastimes and relaxation to each and every passenger. The businesses are properly organized to provide the services at its best quality. The passenger can really enjoy the view from the Queen Mary 2 while socializing with other passengers and crews of the ship. Queen Mary 2 can provide socialization and good ethics.


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