Marketing Strategy for a Video Game: Rock Band Series Essay


            Rock Band is revolutionary video game that incorporates music and live game play into an entertaining, gaming experience second to none. Rock band provides a full simulation of components found in a real concert and performance, with a microphone, guitar, and drums instruments as main controllers to a great and diverse song list, which truly leave the player in a whole new realm of music and video gaming. With the various game modes, the player is given options to play solo or with a full band. Having already released Rock Band I and II, Harmonix Music Systems Inc., the games’ developer, sees much promise for even better and more progress. With the still emerging popularity and success of the Rock Band series, a market strategy must be better defined amidst these changing times to further its status into being more than just a video game.

Market Strategy for a Video Game: Rock Band Series

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Rock band is a music video game that integrates performance and the game play aspect of mainly a rock show. According to the video game’s website, “Harmonix is a videogame development company based in Cambridge, MA. The company specializes in music-based games, and we are renowned for groundbreaking design innovation” (, 2008). Harmonix Music Systems spearheaded entertainment gaming—a genre that suits very well among the music and video game enthusiasts. A wide age range of gamers being as young as 15 to the mid 30’s, even over, would still indeed identify with the video game’s dynamic of music and gaming. Also, since there are equipment pre-requisites aside from the console, a certain aspect of additional investment is imperative to be able to have the complete gaming experience. Hence, in terms of purchasing power and enthusiasm, the gamer must be ready and willing to incur the additional costs.

Rock Band video game offers benefits, which cater to leisure and appreciation of both music and gaming. In particular, the AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack offers a more specified genre and song list is this version’s main theme—which especially gives the AC/DC fans another facet of music appreciation and also allowing these gamers to enjoy themselves as they play the songs of their favorite band. More importantly, the main benefit of the Rock Band series is to experience wholesome yet somewhat intense ‘rock and roll’ fun with friends and relatives as a performing band through the simulation and identify with the various music genres that the game has to offer.

Rock Band positioning involves establishing itself as somewhat more than a game within the minds of gamers and music lovers—especially along the lines of social significance and culture. As Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy were praised to be included in Time’s List of The World’s Most Influential people of 2008, the article describes Rock Band as: “In the history of rock ‘n’ roll, Rock Band may just turn out to be up there with the rise of FM radio, CDs or MTV” (Zandt, 2008, n.p.) In this light, game developments would possibly mean more songs across genres and more options in terms of game modes in the near future.

Promotions for the Rock Band series could further be maximized as different forms of contests and competitions could be held and made available to those who want to express themselves through playing the game, simulating and capitalizing on every aspect of rock and roll the game has. Just like any run of the mill ‘Battle of the Bands’, a ‘battle of Rock Bands’ is indeed good exposure the game could be optimized through holding such form of promotion. Simulating aspects of a rock show aligned with that of a ‘Rock Band’ rock show shows potential for brand visibility and rentention. Endorsements and tie-ups with popular bands, artists, and musicians are also obviously helpful, for they are the true inspiration behind the game play and music.

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