Marketing Strategies Essay


With the paradigm shift in the food consumption and the increased competition, business entities have devised various strategies to deal with the challenge of losing market command. In a competitive industry and market, company should distinguished basing on high level customer service and extra ordinary services. Consequently, every business will want to make sure that it not only wins the next customer in the line but it also endeavors to ascertain that this particular customer is retained.

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Marketing Strategies


Over the years, the country has been expending at an incredible rate and all the major players in the fast food industry have invested a lot but new problem of obesity has brought in new challenges. Because of these, there has been creation of employment opportunities as more casinos, hotels and recreational facilities are been built. Whole food is food that keeps people health. Therefore fast food free of fat and other junk foods is the product I explore to market in this paper. The food will be sold in a restaurant situated in Las Vegas; a city which is a famous destination for domestic tourism, because of its lifestyle. Most local and international celebrities are known to frequent the city.

Marketing strategy

Fast food will be marketed using many strategies; the best strategy to use is advertising through prime time, newspaper adverts, bi – weekly adverts, internet, radio and many other advertising services. The service advertising should have 15% of the budget in marketing at same time hirer marketing consultants to give insights on how the service shall enter into the turbulent market of photography.

People who want a healthy food menu: – The Restaurant main objective is to provide a nutritious and healthy meal for its consumers. With the growing culture to reduce obesity, more people are looking for meals that ensure and cater for that. The food that will be offered will ensure this happens and the restaurant will offer a one stop meal where the consumers who are cutting weight and who want to maintain their ideal weight.

Local people within the town/city: – This is a larger target audience; because many people working overtime and hence cooking a healthy meal become a huge task. To cut down the task of cooking the locals are able to eat their meal in the restaurant. With the introduction of delivery of packed food; this will be a tremendous boost to the restaurant as more locals order for delivery of packed food.

Local celebrities and icons:-The town is usually frequented by celebrities who come to enjoy the massive luxury associated with Las Vegas. Targeting the celebrities will be a major boost, because their mere presence will boost the sales via promotion and reputation.  The American culture adores their celebrity and their lifestyle; hence a celebrity eating at the restaurant will informally endorse the restaurant to the limelight.

Tourists: – Many people who frequent visit Las Vegas are usually looking to have fun and enjoy themselves while embracing the different and diverse culture in the city.

The four P’s

The product

The main product is selling of fast food free of fat and chunk to our potential consumers. This been a new concept it will be widely accepted as people are more open to diverse food culture. The restaurant main emphasis is to sell nutritious, low calorie food, for especially people who want a certain weight, so as to reduce obesity. The restaurant will take the advantage of adding another cuisine to its intended clients who are used to Chinese, Italian, etc.

The restaurant plans to market the brand the fast food to its consumers and hence arousing the curiosity of consumers who have never had a fast food dish.


Since this is a new product, with a new concept of food to offer to its consumers the introductory price, the price will be evaluated after considering the demand; if the demand is high the price on the menu, will slightly go up so as to improve the profit margin at the maturity stage in the product life cycle.

The restaurant also will offer periodic price discounts in special occasions e.g. valentines, anniversary. The restaurant will also use diversion any pricing where the restaurant will offer a particular meal that represents the restaurant at a low price not including a soft drink. As the consumer is attracted to the low price; he may be tempted to buy a drink or an additional dish.


This involves creating awareness and attention to the restaurant to its consumers. They include; (i) Advertising: The restaurant can choose to advertise in the local press (newspapers, mail, magazines) commercial television, billboards, Use of Travel agencies, brochures, Word of mouth. Out-door hoarding, transport advertising by the taxi and Celebrity endorsements.

Otherwise to give a selected celebrity who frequents Las Vegas free meal, for them to endorse the restaurants to the public? The restaurant advertising message will be “Real food tastes real good”.

With the message, the restaurant will sell itself and become a preferred choice to anyone who wants a diverse meal. There will also be a sales promotion which will involve; Temporary price-reduction to attract new consumers and also retain the old consumers that the restaurant would have captured. Secondly we will offer of twin-pack bargains (offering of two meals for the price of one). This especially will attract unity’s, who want to cut down costs in dining out.

Publicity: The restaurant entails, getting involved with the community developments by offering e.g. the homeless a free meal every week (once a week) from the restaurant. With these social responsibilities, the restaurant will be able to boost publicity of the restaurant, hence creating more awareness.

Place of distribution/positioning

The position of the restaurant is located at a great city, where there is always influx of human flow and hence ensuring there is a ready target group. The restaurant is located in one of the busiest streets in Las Vegas and situated in a mall which is a bonus point to the introduction and success of the restaurant. The restaurant plans to also invest in an indoor décor with a Mediterranean them to go hand with the food.

With the paradigm shift in the consumption and the increased competition fast food has become the most respected foods for healthy people. It has taken a lot of transformation to make sure the customers get guaranteed and the best food. The company has been able to administer and manage modern strategies in marketing at low cost hence providing the customer with optimal value making the customers feel satisfy.


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