Marketing Research for Web Design Business Essay

Marketing Research for Web Design Business


            The pursuit for succeeding in marketing a website design business is the ability to identify the demographic segmentation for targeting a business audience that increases the share of customers in the market, high customer equity, and brand equity. In this approach an opportunity for a continued growth for business operations both in the United States and internationally.  The choosing of the target market assists in the building of profitable relationships for a foundation of marketing mix. The formula for the marketing management agenda is the main design plan for a customer-driven marketing strategy that. It is the marketing strategy aim to find a significant position to finding, attracting, keeping, and grow the target customers by creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer value in website design.

The Marketing Research in Website Marketing

            The use of demographic segmentation, the marketing manager should consider whom the company is to serve and have a strong knowledge of such data. The information will be able to provide the marketing manager the means to facilitate a substantial marketing segmentation plan accordingly. The method to achieving the identification and management of the targeted demographic is to divide the market into segments of customers and serving them directly with specific needs. In doing so, the benefits provide the “brand equity” from the customer base that will purchase the product or service majority of the time within a given time period.

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            The targeted demographic segmentation creates not just a preference of the brand product or service but value proposition. This is imperative for a website designing business because of the benefit of the value proposition – that creates more a dedication from the targeted demographic when marketing the company’s products or services are exposed in a concentrated effort (Pelsmacker, 2006). It provides a synergy with the core values of the company’s business objectives to infuse the website designing business service into the market for longtime relationship with targeted audience. Therefore the brand position must be established by effective targeted demographic segmentation, in order for a committed longtime relationship with the targeted audience to increase brand equity. (See figure A).

Brand                                        Positioning
Brand Name Selection
Brand                              Sponsorship
Brand Development
Attributes Benefits Beliefs and Values
Selection Protection
Manufacturer’s brand Private brand Licensing                                                 Co-branding
Line extensions Brand extensions Multi-brands New-brands
Figure A.

            The brand position provides the needed introduction into the market with the designated marketing mix that leads to brand equity. The brand name selection identifies the preferred selection due to the highlighted benefits for choosing the website design business – that is marketed specifically for the Unites States and internationally markets. The balance of using the targeted marketing segmentation is essential to establishing a coalition to a marketing campaign that follows the figure-A process of position, name selection, sponsorships, and development that creates equity when the marketing mix is successful. The segmentation is adapted and implemented during these process stages for the potential higher demand to satisfy or producing quality products and/or services to sustain needed brand equity (Saunders, 2007).

            Therefore, the marketing methods are to initially establish the brand identity by outlined the website designing business core message to consumers. The tag line will represent identification of the brand to facilitate the stages of phases to reach the desired outcome in attracting customers and sustaining customers. The potential drawback in not successfully identify the core brand message – to what customer will experience, obtain, and accomplish by hiring services can present pitfalls for the targeted specific demographic landscape.  The awareness level related to this area of focus provides an open forum for marketing managers and the company’s senior management team to brainstorm and provide an orderly method to implementing the core message that is critical to the overall marketing research of a website designing business.

Identification of the Market and the Chosen Media to Present Message

                The audience for the website designing business attempt to display a professional and capable organization in a particular media.  The key is selecting the right media environment for the targeted audience to respond to the media output of advertising for a significant implementation (Porter, 2004). The selected media environment assist in delivering excellent results from the targeted audience with an extreme interest to pursuing the opportunity to making a purchase even though cost might be slightly higher than the competitor (Schein, 2004). The chosen targeted demographic audience provides the chosen media medium to inform the new technology of the website designing business in the market with a well defined core message.

            The demographic targeted audience acceptance of the core message truly provides the needed advancement of the brand identity to heighten the participation of purchasing services both in United States and internationally. The fundamental aspects is in the selected media medium that is conducive to the targeted demographic that ranges from television commercials in the United States and to internet advertising for the international markets. The feedback from the demographic targeted audience offers the dialogue needed to begin solidifying the customer base.

            The preferred method of advertising the website designing business will be through television, print, and the internet that creates a well diversified infused marketing campaign. The chosen media channels provide the most directed and focused communication regarding the benefits of the website designing business to the targeted audience. The overall commitment of the marketing management team is to demonstrate a well balanced injection of showcasing the core elements of website designing services for improving the customer’s environment – to the specified demographic location for an immediate response.

            Therefore, the company will focus on segments of customers through the chosen media initiatives that will reinforce the effectiveness of the marketing position. For instance, the Media Associates provides significant media medium placements for the U.S. market to assist in enforcing the website business brand identity. The Ambient Media Company will be a sufficient source for assisting the marketing management team for the international markets that will reinforce the core values of the company’s objectives. The media formats are more likely to influence the targeted market due to the successful implementation of the marketing campaign to the targeted audience (Chitty and Barker and Shimp, 2005).

            The Ambient Media method of advertising in the international markets reduces the element of exposure in non-productive markets by honing on customers in a different culture to where the website designing business services are being advertised. The Ambient Media is specific –customer-driven media outlet that provides the focus on brand identification and brand equity. The targeted audience is exposed to methods that are more focused directed to demographic audience. Therefore, the Media Associates and Ambient Media advertisements are geared towards an effort to producing an instant advertising exposure for a wider demographic to offer a constant awareness. The aggressive attention to the specified demographic is on the basis to a particular location that limits the overall potential of the marketing campaign either in the United States or international markets. The media medium for implementing the marketing activities provides a more direct approach to reaching a targeted audience.

The Promotional and Marketing Campaign for a Website Designing Business

                The marketing campaign for the website designing business will formulate a cohesive approach that incorporates the infusing of brand identity to improve exposure in the United States and international markets. The marketing campaign will focus on the assisting of customers to making better website designing needs more productive and successfully. The core values for dedicating their business operations for providing the design and consultation in the area of consumers needs. The focus on specific needs of customers that search for quality website marketing designing will illustrate a foundation to expand on in the second phase of the marketing campaign.

            The marketing campaign will centralized on the brand identity concept by positioning the business name, color theme, and core message throughout the promotional activities in specified locations representing the United States and international markets. The customer focus method will provide additional referrals and word of mouth that plays into the marketing initiative to improving the business objectives, especially in the United States (Johnson and Zawawi, 2000). In addition, the focusing on the customers that already established a willingness to purchase services is more adapted to being persuaded by the promotional activities. The benefit of focusing on the customer presents an opportunity to create the marketing campaign with key points of focus to stimulating targeted audience for a successful return (Chitty, Barker, and Shimp, 2005).

            The marketing approach for the targeted audience should be tailored to the specific needs of the customer. The identification needs of the customer can be obtained by variety of means that provides interactive marketing activities for lasting relationships between the customer and website designing business services. The gathering of data specific needs can be obtained through online surveys that are short and simply to complete by customers. In addition, the senior management team at the website designing business will need to offer free consultations or services within the context of the promotional activities that will overall benefits the company. The interactive approach allows a win-win negotiating campaign that succeed in meeting its immediate needs of promoting the quality services using the website designing business.

Marketing Mix Strategy – (Promotion) ; the 4Ps

            The centralized marketing campaign will show an approach that directly focuses on customers immediate needs to purchase high quality website designs that highlight the criteria for a formidable website. The targeted market segmentation will concentrate on the brand identity that secures brand equity over time; therefore, the proposed marketing research plan core concept is to securing the brand equity a significant market share for presenting the website design business in the minds of the customer. The brand equity will ensure the identity to improve the business operations due to the loyalty being nurtured through the marketing activities.

            The approach for the marketing campaign for customers will mandate a solidify message for highlighting the benefits to purchase services at a rate of 65% of time with consistent implementation. The marketing activities will expand on the interactive advertising within the computer stores and business centers on the website designing business in the United States. The additional external focus is on direct mailings that will encourage a wider demographic customer identity base. The result would present a well defined marketing mix to capture and sustain the interest of the consumer.  Therefore, the promotion-communication main message is primarily by child-care professionals to persuade target customers to buy the service. (See Figure A).

Four Ps

Four Cs

Customer Solution

Customer Cost


Figure A.

            The marketing mix strategy is concentrated on the intended value for the website designing business to customers that reinforces the brand for value proposition. The marketing mix of the product addressing the needs for child-care are benefited of the value proposition by a showcasing clean, activity filled, and near location presents an attractive service. The value proposition main key points to the product, price, place, and promotion is incorporated by offering child-care services at reasonable prices and located in the immediate area of need. Consequently, the child-care professionals selling the concept for a take-five alternative to influence the targeted market for consisted marketing strategy mix.

Customer Service Plan for an effective Marketing Strategy

            The planned for a relationship with customers are to implement a CRM program that addresses the needs identified at different critical touch-points. The objective for 75% of all consumers wanting to have an effective website provides input on the experiences. The data received at similar services related to website design, for instance, to analyze preferences and experiences. The customer service plan fundamental approaches are to randomly survey the targeted market population to provide updated information for increased customer value in the marketing research initiative. The data received are incorporated into an approach by contacting customers by telephone, post-cards and email. The marketing strategy will include a retention objective to provide a frequency marketing programs that reward customers who buy frequently. The results will present the brand identity and brand equity to be increased towards purchasing the website designing services for a successful and profitable outcome. In the pursuit to successfully use the marketing mix strategy to the demographic segmentation, the marketing agenda initiatives are organized to focus on advertisements, radio promotion in the United States and mailings, direct soliciting in international markets. The set of controllable and tactical marketing tools will blend with the product, price, place, and promotion to produce the desired response from the targeted demographic.

            The website designing business marketing strategy is outlined to demonstrate the company commitment to serve and provide in an effort to create value. The marketing mix strategy for the website designing business will present a synergy of the 4Ps in relation to the 4Cs for a cohesive approach to expand brand identity and equity. The promotion will be focused on the product/service-customer solution to the website designing business within the context of balancing the price-customer cost variable for affordability. The promotion is to cater to the necessity by solidifying the “place-of-convenience” concept where the targeted segment population congregates 70% of the time. In the United States the places are actually physical locations such as business centers, networking gatherings, and conventions while international a more instant display of promoting the website designing business.

Target Market Segment and Place

            The identified targeted market in the United States is primarily for small businesses seeking cost effective options to effectively designing the official website. In the United States, the business sectors ultimate goal is low-labor cost that highlights the most attentive features and bonuses rewards. Therefore, the marketing strategy is to cater to those specific core needs in promotion activities. The core targeted market in the United States small business sectors has an annual income of a range from $535,000 to $770,000 that will present the proposed target the needed opportunity to successfully implement market segmentation (Armstrong and Kotler, 2007).  The focus in international markets are small business that as well a significant market to utilized resources with companies that does 35% of sales online that will need website design.

Proposal for Service Fulfillment and Price

            Furthermore, the in website design business industry consumers are 20% compared to small businesses about 45% with the remaining are large corporations with their own in-house designers. Therefore, the promising endeavor to centralize the marketing activities to the majority of the market presents a direct approach to facilitating the target demographic. The set prices comes into play that are acceptable to the targeted demographic that will provide acceptable return of investments.

            The marketing strategy will foster the core message of the website designing business in a proactive approach to offering cost-effective solutions. The promising position for the website designing business is often of times adapting to the social-culture responsibility, in the regard to learning the culture aspects specifically to that particular county. The United States consumer’s preferred instant solutions with low-cost across the board, therefore, the approach much tap into formulate a central theme and package of services.

            On the other-hand, in the international markets the consumers prefer easy access and therefore are more attractive to an internet campaign that delivers on quality and speed. The website designing business will need to manage their marketing activities for more progressive initiatives. In doing so, the website designing business will have the benefit of structuring the core components necessary for effective implementation in the desired markets. The productive option to cater to the needs of small businesses and consumers are beneficial to present a winning coalition for the website designing company.


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