Marketing research Essay

Marketing research

            The British Motor Corporation produced a small car by the name of Mini. The first car was manufactured in 1956 and continued till 2000. The vehicle was very popular in North America and it actually gave around eight percent of the space in the car for the usage of the passengers and their luggage. The car was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and was a two door car and was manufactured in different plants of the company that operated in the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Chile, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, etc. The three major cars manufactured in the UK were Mark II, the Clubman and Mark III. Besides these, there were the rally cars i.e. Mini Cooper and Cooper “S.” Both of them were very successful. The marketing of Mini Cooper cars was done under the Austin and Morris. Later in 1969, the Mini Cooper gained its own rights.

            The owner of the Cooper Car Company was John Cooper and he was also the one who designed Formula 1 and other rally cars after which he came up with the idea of Mini. John Cooper was also a friend of Issigonis and he proposed the idea of Mini Cooper to him after which the car came into existence with the collaborative work of the two. Mini Cooper is known to be an economical car and is not much expensive.

            This project is for the product manager of Mini Cooper and the project is about the 4P’s of communication. There are six questions that will be answered below.

Communication Mix

            This is basically one of the elements of the marketing mix and is used to communicate the existence of the product. Moreover, it also informs the customers about the values and the benefits they would get when they will purchase a product and in this case, the product is the Mini Cooper.

Elements of the communications mix

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            The main elements that Mini Cooper has chosen as their communication mixes are advertising, sales promotion, direct response and word of mouth. All four are very important for Mini Cooper. Advertising consists of different forms of advertising that is being done by the company to promote the car. They use the television, hoardings, magazines, catalogues, magazines and internet as their forms of advertising. Other than that, they use direct mail as a form of advertising. Sales promotion consists of giving a free test-drives to the prospective customers, offering any car part for free or at a lower cost, etc. These are the types of appeals that the firms using in its communications. Word of mouth is also very important as this plays an important role in convincing the customers to purchase the cars. This they do by personal selling, trade fairs and telemarketing.

            The elements mentioned above are integrated into a single voice in a way that all of them are linked to each other as all of them will result in an increase in the sales of the Mini Cooper cars. The goals of these communications elements are basically to bring an increase in sales and also to develop goodwill of the brand.

            It is necessary for Mini Cooper to plan out before hand what to tell their customers about the cars, how to say and where to give their message. Therefore, to crater this they must choose the best media to convey their message because the medium chosen would definitely affect their sales. They must use the AIDAS model that stands for attention, interest, desire, action and satisfaction. The key message that has to be stressed is the unique selling proposition of Mini Cooper that would educate the customers why they should buy the car and the appeals of the target market have to be highlighted. These appeals can be rational i.e. self-interest of the customer, it can also be emotional and moral i.e. some percentage of the profits from the sales of the car to be used for some social cause. Therefore, the message must be strong and should be able to catch the attention of the target audience. This also shows that communication is used to support the firm’s strategic goals for the product.

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