Marketing politician Essay

In the Roman Empire, Gaius Iulius Caesar Divi Filius Octavianus, or commonly known as Augustus tries to explain how crucial the name of the product is in marketing its image to potential consumers. He tries to emphasize that in order to project an image that would be acceptable to many – name should be highly considered. Augustus’ biological name, Octavii, seemed to come from a trivial senatorial dynasty, which was a very embarrassing name for someone who would eventually claim for a divine legacy. In order to avoid such issue, Augustus opted to add a cognomen to his name, which made him decide to make use of Augustus above all other names suggested.

The use of another name is very evident to the pen name used by the late-George Washington whose real name is George Washington Weissinger, Jr., a Colonel and a Confederate expert. George Washington further explains that in order to secure and to spare himself and his family from death threats, he has to make use of a pen name. This method has also been considered a very effective way of instilling in the minds of the people the easily-remembered name of a certain politician.

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            Another marketing technique that Augustus has unknowingly contributed was his way of befitting his religious brand image into his specialized masterpieces like temples. Apparently, politicians nowadays have made use of their accomplished projects to campaign for their candidacies. They have considered this strategy to inform the common people the good deeds they have done to the society. It is however sad to know that many politicians in the present days are only making use of these projects just to be acknowledged and favored by many, which would eventually grant them sure votes by the time they run for politics again.

Apart from Augustus marketing strategies, we may also identify a few marketing techniques which has been used by some aspirant politicians. In the election campaign period from the modern era, we witness careless insinuations, insults, and character assassinations of our politicians and their respective parties just to ensure that they mobilize votes through their common set of interests, concerns, and platforms. This is how passionate and desperate these politicians are to win all for the willingness to serve. It is understandable that parties oppose in political leanings and principles just to get one vote ahead from the rest.

The status quo indicates that there is a necessity for a responsible set of politicians for each country. Each needs leaders who do not just have the time but also the passion for public service. But what seems to be the problem is that most politicians elected serve in exchange for something. In effect, some can not fully exercise their duties as government officials because they are preoccupied with their individual intentions.

Some aspirant politicians also make use of political dynasty to market their candidacies. Politics is often reduced to a family affair as we may see it. Sooner, we will see a scenario of a dying politician father including in his last will and testament the son’s sure seat to elected government positions. Political dynasty as a means of marketing prospective politicians is the most complained defect during election, but lawmakers choose not to respond to it because they themselves draw power from it. In fact, countless politicians enjoying the privilege in making laws came from a political dynasty.

Still, whichever politicians came from, they all have the same purpose of running – to be elected in the government position which is a great venue for public service. That is, for those who ran in good faith; moreover, for those are to act with their intentions.


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