Marketing Plan Outline Essay

We plan on starting our company “Quick-Fix” which will provide snow plowing driveways services, it one of the most essential services for the people living in the countries, states, cities where it snows a lot in a year. They utilize this services as they utilize other day to day services for instances telephone, electricity cable etc. It has to be understood its importance to the people living in this area it is a need. Our company will provide service to the people living in th city of Chicago and then further in United States

The services are offered when snowfall occurs that requires clearing as the driveways are jammed packed with snow, which makes it impossible to drive in or out of the driveway our company are always working in bad weather condition to provide services to customer, we are the hero’s of our era, as we make way for our consumer’s who are trapped in their homes and provide them accessibility to the surroundings. Since this is complicated and difficult job to execute it pays good to companies in the snow plowing business. The cost that is charged dependents on a number of factors extent of driveway to plow, volume of snowfall, nature of snowfall, promptness etc.

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The business requires talented and technical personal who are trained at our company and they have to go thought a series of test and drills to ensure their perfection in the practical job. The employee hired are on a unique criteria which is sharpness, quickness, courage’s, expertise in driving the snow plowing vehicle, diligence etc. it is very important that we hire the right person to do the job as he or she is the touch point of our services to the customer  and if want to reach the number one position in the business we have to have a wonderful workforce who are dedicated, agile and responsible of the their work as we are considered as hero’s  amongst the consumers of our services due to the fact when they are trapped at there homes and  it is impossible for them to leave or drive out in their cars we help them out from that agony.

These services are very difficult to fulfill during heavy storms only minimum work will be done in the customers driveway to insure off-street parking and access to your garage, it has to be understood its importance, when I mentioned that we are called the saviors by our clients it a facts is a compliment for us, as they appreciates us for our work. It is a challenging job and the most wonderful part of it is when our company receives the thanks from the customers which show us what a wonderful job our employees are doing.

Our service of snow plowing driveways is being offered at homes, apartments and offices, where there are driveways which require plowing during the snow season. Our customer base includes all the homeowner, offices, apartments, schools and other institution where there are driveways which requires plowing during winter. Our defined services market is huge as portrayed above we believe in offering services out of the world and giving customer extra services in the same package or bill. For instance we do the front of the home the street for free. Further we even clear the street for our customer. We have developed a package for our regular users in which they enter into a membership with us and get discount this is a win-win situation for both our company and the customer, as we get paid all over the year even when it doesn’t snow and the customer get their driveways plowed at a discount during the snow seasons.

 Further we are the pioneer for our additional services which is the “plow to show you the way home”  which is a new innovation in which we get the customer and his or her car to their homes, when they call us if they are stuck some were, due to snow. We introduce innovation in providing our services all the time, in our business to have a competitive edge over the competitor and to cater our customer changing needs.

Our competitors who are American Snow Removal Service who provide a similar services to us, competition is increasing day by day and so are prices mostly due to the rising fuel prices and our snow plowing vehicle run on oil so cutting down prices are difficult for our company but we are still providing our product at a lower price, although we are new to the business but we are still penetrating our prices in the market. At present there is cutthroat competition in the market so we have to cut cost and provide the best services at the best prices in order to retain the invite new customer. In the present era no one can say they have loyal customer, as the customer awareness have increased tremendously due to telecommunication, internet, newspapers etc. Our company is trying to be ahead of the game  by offering its services to customer in a customized manned and cater their requirements and changing needs.

We want out  snow plowing service “Quick-fix” to be distinguished from the competitors and  be positioned as having a symbolic status, where seeing the logo and name of our service would develop perceptions of dependable , quality and unmatched  service in the minds of the consumers. We want our marketing strategies to play a major role in help us achieving our company’s objectives. That is why we intend to develop our marketing mix in such a manner that it serves to accomplish the title of the “most preferred snow plowing service”

The price our company will charge to get driveways cleaned is based on many factors. The size of the driveway platform, the inches of snow in the driveways and the frequency for utilizing the service are some of those factors. We will be using efficient machines and competent staff that are highly qualified; our aim will be to give our customers the best possible service in a timely manner. However we intend to charge reasonable rates for our services and we intend to adopt a price penetration strategy and capture the market with the slogan of “value for money”. As there are competitors already present in the market, if we want to get ahead of them we will have to prove to our customers that we provide premium service at unsurpassed rates. So we will charge the customers a price that will neither be too low that it will be difficult to cover the costs or neither to high that the customers are unwilling to pay or switch from their existing brands. However it will be lesser than the existing competitors.

Since financing will be an issue as we are initially commencing the service, spending openhandedly on promotion will not be a strategy we would choose. As we intend to do breakeven within 6 months of our start of the company we will focus on the bottom up approach.  The promotion methods we plan on using are, newsletters, word of mouth marketing, direct marketing in terms mailing by post and email marketing, trade fair and so on. However our main aim will be to spread the buzz about our service through word of mouth marketing, as that is an effectual manner of getting friends and relative of loyal customer to utilize the service for the first time. Additionally our service will be the best it will ensure that customers are 100% satisfied, in that way we will be able to make our first time trial users, customers for life.

We intend to have an excellent developed and informative website which provides the customers all the details about our service. In which will ensure that the name of our brand “Quick-fix” with the color combination of red and white stands out. Our headquarters will be present Des Plaines and our main aim will be to firstly cover the city of Chicago. For this purpose we will have our staff and equipment present in various regions of the city, which will make it possible for customers to obtain timely service. We will primarily start of with 40 snow plowing machinery and be updated about the weather and the condition of the city constantly. Our machinery will have our name of the company “Quick-Fix” on it and it will be painted in red and white, this will further help us enhance the recognition of our brand name in the city. We intend to grow in a year and target huge commercial property, manufacturing sites, learning and religious services, grocery stores and shopping malls.

As our company is a service based company, it has to play a superb role in satisfying each and every customer. One disappointed customer can lead a company to suffer a great deal that is the reason why we are going to use dependable machinery and equipment. Also we will focus our attention on giving training sessions to staff on how to communicate with the customers as they will be the people directly in contact with the customers. Furthermore they will be trained on how to handle urgent situations and how to perform their work productively and flawlessly.

We will guarantee our customers that they can be avail our service in an hour after contacting us at our toll free number 0800 000 444. Our claims which we will advertise will be promotional factors for our company, nevertheless these will be completely accurate and we will carry out the services we will declare. We have customer service section on our website that will provide immediate feedbacks to the customers; moreover customers can notify their complaints and give in their suggestions via telephone or mails as well.

In order to make our business survive and attain breakeven in the beginning we have to make people try our services and see if it satisfies them, as that will determine how well our business will do. Therefore our business challenge will be to ensure that people know what makes our services better than the rest (via promotion) and by maintaining quality


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