Marketing Mix Essay

1.         The Axe Body Spray advertisement shows an average-looking guy being pawned over by multitudes of gorgeous girls.  The guy keeps on spraying Axe all over his body and while he’s doing this, girls from everywhere are clamoring to get close to him.  He has on his face an expression of utter bliss, while the girls have the looks of pure longing.  This advertisement is just one of the many in Axe’s marketing campaign that portrays Axe products as powerful tools to attract women.  The entire campaign differs in the scenarios presented but all convey the same message of being powerfully attractive.

2.  The execution methods used for this advertisement are: fantasy and mood or image.  Fantasy was clearly employed in  Axe’s commercial.  It’s a presumption that man is always thinking of the opposite and what it is like to be a chick-magnet.  Capitalizing on that need, Axe has came up with a body spray that it is marketing as the perfect answer to a man’s ultimate desire.  What the advertisement is telling the male audience is that through Axe Body  Spray, a man does not need to look like Brad Pitt to have gorgeous women fight over him.  Axe has the solution to that.  Related to that marketing pitch is the mood or image that Axe could improve or enhance.  Should women smell Axe on a male’s body, their mood would change and they’ll be spellbound to the man wearing the spray.  The advertisement also touches on image because it aims to boost a man’s confidence when wearing the body spray.  Because advertisements have powerful effect on the subconscious, the man wearing Axe Body Spray would start to believe that he has become better looking than his average self and would start behaving with more confidence.


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