Marketing marketing plan: organization of marketing activity

Marketing Plan

  The purpose of
this graduate thesis was to develop an effective marketing plan for the company
“Sport & Spa”. The company plans to enter the Italian market starting from
the student city of Bologna. The company only launches its market entry and
plans to attract customers through some marketing activities. Having analyzed
the company’s activities.

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objectives of this thesis were to improve the visibility of the company in its
market area and attract more customers to study their services. The main
purpose of the marketing plan is to find and use any opportunities that enable
the company to strengthen its position on the market and win the competition.

      The object
of research marketing plan: organization of marketing activity at an industrial

goal was to emphasize the importance of choosing the appropriate marketing
strategy to be assigned to designated markets. The very essence marketing set
and the importance of choosing a target market as the basis for a search. The
most effective marketing tools are widely discussed within the overall

chosen company specializes in providing sports services for legal entities, as
well as being the main intermediary between sports enterprises and clients.
Therefore, theoretical information on how to sell services, not material
products, and how to sell them to other companies was collected. So it was
important to identify marketing tools for business to develop the appropriate
marketing plan for the company.

    It was
important to identify marketing combinations for the business to develop an
appropriate marketing plan for the company.


       By writing this thesis I would like to
develop a practical marketing plan that would take into account the size,
resources, and goals of the company. Research various marketing combinations
tools have been made to find the most cost-effective tools that address the
goal groups efficiently. To understand the situation in the company and the
needs of the company industry, serious market analyzes should be conducted
using a different analysis Marketing analyzes have been used to propose
effective tools that “Sport & Spa” can do is competitive in the market.


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