Marketing communications programs Essay

Marketing   communications programs

SUMMARY:-     for  successful implementation of the  marketing communication program a very systematic marketing plan should be implemented a cohesive and proper marketing plan will help a company  to achieves its goals and marketing communication is a subset of overall marketing mix,companies should first have to formulate a marketing strategy. A marketing plan involves – situational analysis ,identifying  marketing objectives ,creating a marketing strategy, implementing a marketing strategy, evaluation and control.

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DISCRIPTION:-the primary step in the marketing communications plan is to analyze the internal and external  marketing environment. The environment variables that effect the marketing communications are  competition, market analysis, customer analysis and positioning analysis . the next step is to set the objectives which fits the previous analysis. The objectives should be of type creating brand awareness and building brand equity,increasing sales, differentiating the brand and influencing consumer behaviour, based on the marketing communications objectives ,companies have to decide the  budgeting  allocation for  marketing communication activities.

For  setting the budget companies generally use  arbitrary method, affordability method, and percentage of sales method , competitive parity method, objective and task method  and payout planning method. After deciding on the marketing communications objectives and budget allocation next step is to design  marketing communications programs . In this regard the decision which are taken are – selection of communication mix, developing a creative strategy, and media  decisions. The final step in the marketing communication plan is evaluating and controlling the marketing communication programs .these evaluations are performed by communication audit.

Market  research also plays a major role in increasing the effectiveness of the marketing communication strategy of the company .the first step in the market research process is to first define the problem ,design the research plan, collecting the data analyzing the data and submitting the report ,second we examine the research elements like communication audit, communications content research , third we examine the  research process involves in each element of the marketing communications mix that is advertising, sales promotions, direct selling, and public relations research .the advertising objective should be tangile, measurable,time bound and have a defined target audience.

The main objective of the advertising are to inform people about the company’s product, persuade them to buy it, remind them about the product from time to time, relate the products to needs and to modify the attitudes towards the products .an advertising compaign mainly consists of five stages- setting advertising objectives, setting the advertising budget, determining the advertising message , selecting the advertising media,and evaluating the result of the advertising compaign. That is why it is very crucial for companies to follow a proper briefing process .this process should talk about operational aspects like project management, practicalities and approvals .the brief should also contain the present situation of the company , the desired situation the plan of action ,target groups and parameters for measurements ,all these elements working together will lead to a successful advertising compaign. Apart from learning the consumer buying process ,advertisers need to study  the consumer learning process which has an influence on buying behaviour .thus it helps the advertiser in understanding consumers need ,perceptions and attitudes .as competitions increases and more and more product reach their maturity stage marketers are finding difficult to differentiate their products and services based on some tangible features. Thus many of them are concentrating on developing creative marketing communications program that can inform, persuade and remind the customer about their product and services.


1. ICMR  case studies and  management resources.



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