Market Overview-Childrens Essay

The market has been impacted by parental reluctance to treat their child without professional help as well as reduced innovation. Encouraging parents to treat their children at home, by offering better advice, as well as raising their confidence In brands by better engaging with them using social media could encourage product usage. Additionally, as parents show Interest In dosing tools, this suggests room for Innovations In this area. Browse Full Report With TCO: http://w. NM. Nonrepresentational. Bal/analyses-details/ children’s-etc-UK-march-2014 Table of Content Introduction

Definitions Methodology Consumer research Abbreviations Executive Summary The market Figure 1 : Retail value sales of children’s ETC market, by sector, 2008-18 Market factors Companies, brands and innovation Figure 2: New launches in children’s ETC, % share, branded vs. own-label, 2009-13 The consumer Figure 3: Ailments suffered, January 2014 Figure 4: Courses of action, January 2014 What we think To Get Download Full Report with TCO: http://www. Nonrepresentational. Bal/ sample/sample/190925 Issues and Insights Market hampered by parents seeking professional help The facts

The Implications Low level of product innovation, despite growing consumer base The facts Trend Application Trend: Help Me Help Myself Trend: Prepare for the Worst Minute futures trend: East Meets West Market Drivers Key points Rise in child population Figure 5: Trends in the age structure of the UK child population, 2008-18 More GAP consultations for children Figure 6: Number of prescriptions per person, I-J, 2006-12 Parents using internet for research Figure 7: Online activities done in the past three months, by mums and dads, June 2013 Increase access to online “consultations”?

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