Mark Scheme Essay

Moms excellent use of vocabulary; (near) faultless grammar excellent sentence structure and organization of paragraphs excellent spelling/punctuation slips/errors fluent effective use of expressions/idioms good use of vocabulary; sound grammar good sentence structure/well-organized paragraphs good spelling/ punctuation. Band 2 ‘good-very good’: effective command 14_17 Band 3 ‘average”. Seasonable command 10-13 some slips/basic errors but acceptable standard overall reasonably fluent/not difficult to read generally appropriate use of expressions/idioms fair range and apt SE of basic vocabulary; acceptable grammar simple/ambitious sentence structure/paragraphing reasonable spelling/punctuation. Regular and frequent slips/errors hesitant fluency/not easy to follow at times some inappropriate expressions/idioms limited range of vocabulary; faulty grammar some flawed sentence structure/paragraphing regular spelling/punctuation errors.

Band 4 flawed but not weak: inconsistent command 6-9 Band 5 Weak-very weak: little/(no) effective communication 0-5 almost every line contains (many) slips/errors of all kinds little/(no) fluency/difficult almost impossible) to follow (very) poor use of expression/idiom (very) poor range of vocabulary: (very) poor grammar (very) poor sentence structure/paragraphing (very) poor spelling/punctuation. Bracketed descriptors denote 0-2 range of marks.


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