Map Viewer Essay

Map Viewer

     The National Map Viewer site ( of the USGS provides a virtual illustration of geographical maps of the United States in various perspectives. Basically, it is a web-based interface which provides a quick snapshot of various factor data that could help different agencies and individuals to take a look at the physical conditions of the country and aid in planning out any large scale human operations.

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     The main advantage of using the USGS map in terms of research is that one can easily acquire information that could clearly present data about a particular study. Whether it is for a scientist studying for coastal area risks or a geologist looking for possible concentration of rock materials, the National Map Viewer provides all the information in terms of physical location.

     On the aspect of planning, special government institutions and the private sector can acquire valuable information when it comes to national security, infrastructure, social development and the entire population’s welfare. Details about established structures, topography, transportation availability and natural hazards are all important factors to consider in any types of location planning especially when it involves projects that are meant to develop areas and the people involved in such localities. For example, a land area’s elevation is very important when it comes to water drainage facility planning (Castle 1).

     One of the main highlights of the web-based map is that you can easily customize the information that you want to see. You only need to click any of the information panels at the right side of the screen. On the other side you may select computer functions to enable you to zoom the map, print a page, bookmark a data or select other options.

     The information contained in the National Map Viewer simply increases the capacity of any individuals to first evaluate whether a certain planning for project is feasible or maintains a high risk of failure. By navigating the map, one can easily customize the details that he wants to get to support his decision making task.

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