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Manuel Jalón Corominas was a Spanish inventor, engineer, and officer of the Air Force at the Zaragoza base. Born in Logroño(La Rioja), Spain on January 31st 1925. Corominas spent the majority of his life in Zaragoza. He studied aeronautical engineering in Madrid at an unknown university. Corominas wrote a doctoral thesis on aeronautical mishaps and incidents. Following his graduation, he worked in Finland and the U.S. For sometime afterwards he was in the Air Force. Manuel Jalón Corominas invented the mop we all use today. While staying in the United States, Corominas discerned how hangars. Hangars are large building with extensive floor area. Before Corominas’ mop, they were cleansed with a flat mop and a bucket with rollers. When he returned to Spain, he decided to commence the manufacture in Spain of the first “floor cleaners” or buckets with mops. Corominas’ first release of the mop was in 1856. He used a broomstick, a set of strips of cotton and a bucket with small rolling wheels to drain. Shortly after, the latter would be replaced with a funnel full of holes, which resulted in the mop we use today. In Zaragoza in the year 1958, he founded the company Manufacturas Rodex. Rodex being a generic term for mop. The company made mops for domestic and industrial use for large areas. This would lift up the Spanish women and eliminate diseases that affected the hands, spines and knees of cleaning professionals. Corominas retired from the Air Force in 1976 where he changed his career path so she could dedicate himself to the industry fully. Jalón exported his products, especially the mop, to more than 40 countries. In 1989 ore than 60 million mops were old around the world. Company stocks were were sold to the Dutch multinational Curver BV. Jalón worked on another invention of his afterwards, the disposable syringe. They were both very notable and successful inventions. The mop left a lasting impression and also aided in improving how we cleaned and quality of life in not only Spanish homes, but around the world as well. In 1991, Corominas was awarded the most prestigious prize given to companies by the local government of Zaragoza, the prize Inmortal Ciudad de Zaragoza Salduba(Immortal City of Zaragoza Salduba). In the following year, he was named the favorite son of the City of Zaragoza and ‘Riojano of the year’. Manuel Jalón Corominas died in 2011 on December 16th in Zaragoza, Spain at the age of 86.


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