Manifest destiny Essay

Primarily it was an exalted political idealism that led to the rise of manifest destiny and a drive that United States must extend the benefits of her democratic institutions, her cherished ideals of democracy, equality and fraternity and way of life over as wide an area as possible led to westward expansion. The expansionist coupled this political idealism with land grabbing to justify the territorial expansion and annexation in the west.

Manifest destiny was the main political and psychological factor that contributed toward the influx of settlers in the Western territories. On the psychological and intellectual level, it was the spirit of ‘Manifest Destiny’ that motivated the immigrants and settlers to move westward. Later on, the recognition of fertility of Western lands, easy availability of irrigation and exploration of gold further triggered people to migrate westward.

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Manifest destiny exercised profound influence on the American history. In the first instances it gave rise to equality and equal opportunities among the immigrants and the settlers. The people who felt oppressed and unfree in their states used to get rid of this bondage by moving away to new frontiers. Manifest destiny together with westward expansion also capacitated to the emergence of a new a culture. After the occupation of the new area, the different institutions of civilizations merged with each other to give rise to a new socio-cultural set-up. The regional, linguistic and parochial interests were not cared for. New settlers also enabled the Native Americans to intermingle with the new society that helped greatly in shaping the American Nationality.

            In totality, manifest destiny was led by political idealism and was further motivated by economic causes but it inculcated a new spirit in the Americans and facilitated the creation of a truly multicultural and multi-ethnic American culture and society



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