Manchurian candidate Essay

Manchurian candidate

            The Manchurian Candidate is a perfect example of how politics affects today’s movies. It is a political thriller based on a Novel by Richard Condon. Is it about a soldier who was under mind control and he doesn’t clearly remember an incident during his time in Kuwait. When his army unit was ambushed during the first Gulf War, Sergeant Raymond Shaw saved his fellow soldiers just as his commanding officer, then he, was knocked unconscious. In the movie he investigates what really happened during the incident and if everything he remembers is true. The Sergeant uses that good publicity and runs for Vice President. It displays how much importance the public puts on politics.

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            The movie wanted to raise questions in people minds on how vulnerable they really are and if they can trust every little word someone says. In the movie, the mother of the sergeant says “And it’s not from random terrorists, but from covert alliances of disaffected nations who’ve all been made bold by this kind of Jordan one-worlder who believes that human beings are essentially good and that our powers are somehow, I don’t know, shameful or evil and never to be used. Make no mistake. The American people are terrified. They know something’s coming. They can feel it. And we can either shovel them the same old shit and call it sugar or we can arm them. We can arm them with a young, vibrant Vice President. We can give them heat, energy! Give them a war hero with heart, forged by enemy fire in the desert in the dark when American lives hung on the balance!”  People want to



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