Managing Employee Retention Essay

Data Quality:

It is of import to do certain the information you use is valid. An outlier informations point can dramatically cut down the tantrum of a theoretical account. so it is critical that bad informations points be moved. In the instance of the Store24 informations. we will presume that all directors have some experience. so take any information points where the director experience is zero.

Arrested development Analysis

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First. you should run a full theoretical account for net income that includes both term of office and site location related variables. Tenure related variables are MTenure and CTenure. Site location related variables are population. figure of rivals. street flat visibleness. prosaic entree. type of vicinity. and whether a shop stays unfastened 24 hours. These variables are besides defined on page 4 of the instance Store24 ( A ) .

First you should find if all variables contribute to our apprehension of the theoretical account. Use the p-value for each coefficient to make up one’s mind ( a value of 0. 05 is typically used to make up one’s mind whether a variable should be included ) . If any variables are non important. copy the worksheet. take the variable and run the arrested development once more. In your study you should explicate how good the theoretical account tantrums ( e. g. describes the factors that impact net income ) .

It is non normally understood how to measure the “impact” of the independent variables. The variables have to hold a p-value that is important ( otherwise we can’t state there is a relationship ) . but how little the p-value is does non state us how of import the variable is. A good manner to understand the impact of the variable is to happen the scope of values it can take. and so multiply that scope by the value of the coefficient. That tells you the maximal impact that the variable can hold on the job.

Next. you must turn to Tom Hart’s hypothesis that director term of office does non hold a additive impact on profitability—that is. that there are decreasing returns to director term of office. To prove this. copy the worksheet. so add the variable MTenure2. To make this. infix a column next to the Tenure column. and so come in the expression =D2^2 in cell E2 and transcript this expression to the remainder of the cells. Now run a arrested development on this new set of variables and see if the MTenure2 variable is statistically important.

What to Submit: You are to compose a memo from Sarah Jenkins to Paul Doucette sum uping your consequences. You should explicate your arrested development consequences:

* How good the theoretical account predicts store public presentation ( r2. p-value of variables and their “impact” ) * How your MTenure2 assesses Tom Hart’s hypothesis. Does it back up his hypothesis? You should include a graph that shows part to net income of employee term of office over the scope of values in the information set. The x-axis should be director term of office. and the y-axis should be the predicted part to hive away net income.

Finally. your memo should give Paul Doucette a concrete recommendation as to how much Store24 should put in any new director keeping plans.


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