Managing Diversity through Performance Appraisal and Reward Processes Essay

According to Gardenswartz & Rowe (1998), both “[m]anagers and employees at all levels can be held responsible for achieving relevant diversity objectives.”  As a matter of fact, the performance appraisal process makes managers accountable to the organization as much as their subordinates.  Performance appraisal is a feedback process, and there are no hard and fast rules about how it is done.  Management consultancies may come up with diverse ideas about how to turn ordinary managers into great diversity managers.  Clearly, one of the ways in which a manager can be made more conscious of managing diversity as best as possible is to ask his or her subordinates for feedback.  Since the performance appraisal process involves documentary evidence – it is best for the organization to document subordinates’ responses to their manager’s performance.  Wherever bigotry or prejudice is revealed, the organization must step in to check the manager’s behavior before it hurts the organization beyond repair (Hansen, 2008).

     Another factor that makes performance appraisals indispensable is that these evaluations help employers to decide how to reward each employee according to his or her performance.  “Positive diversity changes” may be reinforced by the granting of company awards to those managers or teams that have made “exemplary progress (Gardenswartz & Rowe).”  “Pay differentials” and “promotional points” may also be planned for the reinforcement of good diversity management (Gardenswartz & Rowe).  Conversely, the organization may decide to demote a manager that has been identified as a poor diversity manager through feedback obtained during the performance appraisal process.  Because the performance appraisal process includes an explanation of organizational goals, the manager has only to blame him- or herself if goals are not achieved (Hansen).  After all, the organization is responsible for keeping good managers, and nobody appreciates dishonesty and prejudice.

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