Managing Design For Business Essay

The impact of design on business organization cannot be overemphasized. While it’s good to concentrate on the outlook and usability of a product and experiment, design has a far greater advantage to a business that surpasses the mere glossy exterior of a product that attracts customers. Good design does not just sell products. “Design management and process management are two important elements of total quality management (TQM) implementation” (Sanjay, 2000)

It also sets expectations, improves the performance of a team, reveals strategy and fosters collaboration. It also inspires and motivates. It’s regrettable when some developers debate the advantages of design after the core product is already finished as this tends to miss out the true spirit of a good design which is basically to impact on the internal business. For the purpose of this writing, I will deliberate on the impact of good design in Engineering. Design is one of the surest ways an engineering company can set the table for quality early on the inside of the organization as a way of gaining buzz. Japan as a nation is commendable in terms of their culture of incorporating design expectation into business. Toyota, a Japanese company has an understanding of the fact that effectiveness in creating values that expect quality from every individual in a team and not just only designers by instilling from the start and at a basic level that presents an effort towards elegance and aesthetics towards everyone at every step in the process. This will enable the whole team rising not just to the competitor’s challenge but to the design given to them. Good design helps to get things done on time. When engineers are provided with design from the start, you have provided a complete understanding and method for the needs to be achieved. It also helps to set expectation of quality. It reveals what the product should look like and also which features should be created without intruding into the programmer’s way. Design instills the motivation for hard work by seeing the need to see something cool come alive.

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We will remember we are working on something worthwhile and hence fuelling productivity. Programmers do not want to work on futility and when they see something that is worth accomplishing and treasurable, they are internally driven to start and conclude it.  Good design help programmers avoid staying off course or leaving features incomplete which may hinder productivity. If the initial expectations for a web application are low by bad or no design, then bad usages find their way into the code, the web site advertising, and even the behaviours toward customers by those who employ them.  However when you start with great design as a basis, there is a rising effect on the quality and execution of a product from beginning to finish. As much as we desire to be proud of our work, design is a sure way to excellence.


   Sanjay, L  (2000). “The impact of Design management and project management on quality: An empirical investigation”.  Volume 18, Issue 5,  Pages 549-575.



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