Managing change Essay

The passage describes a situation where Briggs a management consultant and Helen Gray, a senior HR consultant are trying to initiate changes in a Scottish Road Network Authority (SRNA) an organization that is responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of major highways across Scotland. Helen plans to undertake some changes in the organization to shift its focus in procuring, contracting with and managing external suppliers. Helen seems to be involving only Briggs yet it a major change for the organization that can result to managerial changes. Although she claims that the project enjoys the support of the Personnel Manager, Elspeth Stevens and the Director General (DG) of the Department, Henry Irving, they seem to be going the wrong way in trying to introduce this change. The managers are inwardly resistant to this change as they are not consulted or it is not their initiative. While the two are supposed to carry out a general view of the managers and give the recommendations, they are seen to be taking an administrative role and viewed as if they are the ones introducing this idea which is basically supposed to not only originate, but appear to originate from the senior staff to get the managerial acceptance. The two are finally undermined for lack of authority to introduce such a big change.

The problem that can be identified is lack of proper planning and strategy by the junior managers to involve actively and participatory incorporate views of the senior staff leading to resistance to change by the senior managers. Since the change finally goes through, it appears that the senior managers refuted it first because of its originality and them being not consulted. In fact, the rest of the senior managers excluding the Finance Director had supported a change during their interviews with James.

Communication within the organization and managerial structure of the company too can be viewed as a problem that led to the managers being resistance to change.

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The above problems have resulted in the organization being not able to shift its operations as prospected.

To identify literature about this issue one can begin by focusing on the definition of the issue or formulating the problem, deciding on what resources and looking for the resources to use, careful analysis of the issue, effects-whether positive or negative and the results and benefits arising from solving the associated problems.

     One can ask himself or herself “What do you already know, what do you need” kind of questions (“Research skills” 7) while searching for required literature.

     While change in an organization is very vital in order to put up with challenges relating to running costs, profits and general operations of an organization encountered with on a daily basis, the management must be prepared to meet and address issues related to its introduction and strategize on the ways to implement and cope with it. This is best achieved through participatory leadership and wider consultations.


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