Management systems Essay

1.      List of questions to ask in the fact-finding effort.

a.       Questions for the representative of the sponsoring executive:

·               What is the budget for the development of the program?

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·               What do the executives want to be highlighted in the website?

·               Are there still plans for further branching out?

·               Who do they want to have access to the information that the website can give?

·               Do they want the program to e business specific or adaptable to the programs of other companies’ websites?

b.      Questions for the systems analysts:

·               What software are available for the development of the web program?

·               Will the program be easy to use?

·               How secured will data be from hackers and phishers?

·               Will the company need to have its own mainframe?

·               What are the system requirements of the program that will be created?

c.       Questions for the representatives of business units:

·               What are the computer literacy levels of the employees in each branch?

·               What products are available in each branch?

·               What products are the most frequently rented in the different branches?

·               What problems do they usually encounter in the inventory of the products?

·               Who are the common customers of the different branches?

·               How accessible is one branch from another?

2.      Testing the Website

Testing the website is important to make sure it can serve its purpose and it is secure. One of the things that have to be tested in the program is how it would respond to the input of information. First, the testing committee will input correct information and see how it responds. Next, the tester will also have try to input invalid information such as addresses that do not exist or are not in the are that can be served by the company.

The efficiency of the design should also be checked. There should be a survey with random individuals about the visibility of certain important features of the website. This will also help ensure that the website can serve its purpose well. If the customers cannot easily see features that are present, they may not be able to make use of it and hence will ender the feature useless. The web program has to be run in different screen sizes to see how the interface adjusts to different screen resolutions.

The interface of the website should still retain the visibility of the important features of the site so that no mater what the screen resolutions are of the users, they will not miss what are important in the website. It should also be run on wap enabled cell phones since many internet users now are using their cell phones and PDAs.

Another related consideration is the overall impact of the interface. It has to be attractive to the viewers. So, in the survey, the attractiveness of the interface has to be considered.

Another thing to consider is the compatibility of the website to different operating systems and web browsers. It has to be checked with different web browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Not all computers have the same operating systems and users have different preferences. The web development has to address these differences.

3.      RFI for bidders

Who will be the person in-charge of responding to our queries and needs? Is there any the sales contact and technical contact? If so, who?
·         This question is necessary because it helps to pin point whom to contact for negotiations and other matters.

How long have you been in business, what is your main business relative to document management software, are you the developers, or resellers of the system? Can you name other successful companies that subscribe to your services?
·         This question addresses the experience and the capabilities of the company in providing a network service. This will also provide reference to companies that may be asked about the performance of the web developer.

Do you provide consulting, conversion and installation services?
·         This is important to be answered because one of the needs of a website is conversion and installation. If they can provide these services, then it may save the company some amount if the services can be on a package deal basis at a discounted rate.

Will references about your company be available for us if you are short listed?
·         If the company is willing to provide reference, then it may be a sign that the company has a good standing and its customers may have been satisfied with their services.

How competent is your organization in terms of skills  to support this installation?
·         This question asks for the specific skill that the developers have for the installation. It is important for them to identify the skills that they have so that they could be compared side by side with other organizations. The ones with the most useful skill be seen easily here. In case they do not have the skills they claim that they have, they can be questioned for it since they declared that they have the skill

Can you provide a sample project plan for the implementation?
·         This will show partly how competent the organization is in implementing the program they created. As early as the bidding, we can immediately see what type od service they will provide.

Describe your support programs specifically related to product upgrades, bug fixes and general support.
·         Problems happen. These problems need to be fixed. This question assure what services are available just in case something goes wrong with the program.

Pease provide a quotation of the cost for the installation and licensing.
·         This question looks into the economic side of the situation. If two organizations have the same capabilities, one way to break the tie may be the cost of their services.

If your product does not match the needs of the company and other programs that the company has, about how much may be needed for the necessary modifications?
·         Some things do not work out right the first time around and additional services may be needed. This question also looks into the possibility of getting lower cost for the modifications.

Describe how your program can make sure there is accurate tracking and logistic information?
·         Tracking is important in any delivery. This should also be addressed by the web developers.

Please provide your standard software licensing agreement and Service Level Agreement.
·         This will require the organization to provide their term of agreement which is necessary for our company to know. This ensures that there would be no conflict in expectations and services.


(please provide the bibliography of the book you are using)



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