Management Supplies Essay

            Like any other management tool, management supplies would highly be important in the functionality of an organization. It is the main tool for the control of the inventory in terms of the outgoing and the incoming stock. However, due to the complex autonomy of corporate inventory activities, management supplies can only be optimally possible through the use of database system for its control.

            The setup cost for such database may primarily be costly. However, the long run benefits that arise from well managed corporate inventory would far outweigh such initial costs of its establishment. The functionality of the manage supply database can only be recognized when substantial data about inventory is entered and retrieved in various forms such as graphs, pie-charts and outputs that show the significant trend of the supplies. These tools will therefore show the relationship between stock turnovers of different stocks and therefore help the organization make the most appropriate decisions in the choice of the best/profitable inventories. Easy track down of stocks is economical in terms of money spend in their management. Their will be less chances of loss in items, drift away of assets or faulty transactions that goes on missing (Michael, 2003)

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            Network system of swimming pool includes, customers, suppliers, management, credit agencies and accounts system. The credit system manages credit affairs, suppliers are for supplying stock, account system controls the financial matters and the management system is for the overall control of the supply systems.


Michael, H (2003) Essentials of Supply Chain Management. New York, John Willey and Sons


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