Management Motivation Essay

Motivation- Case Study

Before leaders or managers make rash and hasty action plans it is best to first analyze, understand the group of team members under them and then relate to the most applicable motivational theory. For our case let us relate to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Alderfer’s ERG theory and Need for Achievement Theory by David McClelland {1}. These theories emphasize that a person will only give up his need for belongingness and socialization for a higher craving or purpose. If a task possesses a challenge of raising a person’s self esteem or giving him a higher purpose than just making money, then and only then will a person want to sacrifice time for his family and friends.  In this case, members are well established, educated, rich doctors and it is obvious that monetary values are not as important to them as would be to others. What they need is a challenge that awakens a prospect for personal development and career enhancement.

Also, one has to analyze the occasions and holidays surrounding the new deadline. In our case it is the holiday season of Thanksgiving where individuals like to spend the festival with their family. Therefore the most effective way to have ones staff motivated and efficiently working during the holidays is first of all to inform them that three continuous weeks of work , during the holiday season will not go unnoticed and rewarded by the company. The idea is to make them understand that this short term sacrifice that they are making is ultimately going to prove very profitable and advantageous for their company in the long run. {2}

Next, since the employees will have to sacrifice family time during the holiday season the top management should provide the employees with a paid week off from work or provide them with a paid vacation with their families. If not paid vacations then it could be free tickets for the family at say Disneyland, or at major sports events, or movie premiers etc .Managers need not only focus on extrinsic rewards such as rewarding memberships at clubs for families or providing paid trips to the spa for relaxation etc but managers also need to focus on intrinsic rewards. These intrinsic rewards can be acknowledgment and praise from the top management when the task is achieved. It could be a dinner with their CEO, or a pep talk from the CEO wherein the CEO can relate personal examples of how he had to make many similar sacrifices on his part before he achieved any major success.

Coercing, threatening employees with job security or demotions if they do not work and pull this project through are not going to keep employees motivated or even inclined to work. These will in fact lead to resist and be reluctant towards achieving success {3}.

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The management needs to promote this project as a challenge, as an opportunity for these doctors to learn and grow into inspirational leaders. The manager should emphasis more responsibility, encourage participation and greater delegation of authority to the employees to encourage them to work harder and carry the project forward {4}. The management needs to promote that employees who performs the best will be acknowledged and praised publicly on a forum supported by the company.

The manager should bench mark progress in the next three weeks and inform his team about them thereby clearly stating the goals and means to achieve them.


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