Management Information Systems Essay


There are many kinds of business application systems and this essay mainly focuses on eFit Membership management software. eFit membership management software is business application software designed mainly to provide easy maintenance, access and monitoring of information in real time for Fitness centers, Gyms and Health clubs. It is affordable and easy to use software which provides solutions to numerous problems related to fitness clubs. With the use of this software the user is provided with secure and easy access to the information stored in the system and he/she can be able to process this information at any place away from the business premise. The software comes with the latest hardware and software technologies which enhances easy management and navigation of the club’s database. Examples of the eFit membership management software include; iGo Figure, Conexion, Wild Apricot, Trainer Management, Club sentry, Ease- E- club and eclubLogic among others (Mowey, 1996).

The eFit membership management software provides various information, knowledge and analysis to users as discussed below.

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Club Advantage Program: This is a management software that provides the user with full potential to control the club’s activities wherever he/she is, at any given time. The program is user friendly and anybody including the staff is capable of using the software with ease. The software also allows the users to carry out a wide range of activities including entering and processing information in real time, monitoring the attendance of members, immediate update of information on request and providing maintenance to each and every member’s account (Reiss, 1996). The software also provides other services including 24/7 access to the server, in built internet connection enhancement and the capability of customizing its features.

24/7 access to the system: Allows the club members to access the system 24/7. This grants members permission to enter into the club at any given time by referring to the account status in the database. It also updates each and every member records regarding his/her attendance.

Members Check-in Program: This system is used to bar the non-members and those members whose credit has expired from using the club’s facilities. Each and every member is provided with a membership card that contains magnetic bars which are scanned into the system whenever each member enters into the club. The system then checks whether the member is active or inactive.

Reduced overhead in the processing of the club’s payments: The system enhances easier collection of funds from members and also maintains and monitors the collected funds. This reduces overheads in fund management and easiens the processing and payments of bills.

Credit Card Processing: The system works well with credit cards and in most cases records up to 98% success in money collection (Thierauf, 1999). But in order to ensure the system works more efficiently, the members should be encouraged to make their payments by use of credit cards other than the paper money.

In-built Membership Agreement: The membership agreement is signed and stored in the system and therefore easiens its availability when it is required. It also eliminates the need to print a hard copy of the agreement thus reducing the expenses.

Weight Tracking: The software allows the members to record and track their body weight. The measurements can then be updated each and every time thus allowing the members to check their progress. Performance graphs and curves can also be printed (Samli, 1996).

Scheduler: This allows the allocation of each and every member to a particular time and to a given instructor. The allocation can also be changed as per the requirement of the member.

There are various hardware and software required in order to support this system. The hardware components required include; personal computer, processor (P4), hard disk(60GB), RAM(512 MB and above), CD-ROM, sound card, monitor, Receipt printer, Magnetic code scanner, Camera, Keyboard, Mouse, Electronic pad signatures.

The software required include; Anti-virus, Operating system, Internet browser and eFit membership management software (Earl, 1998).


In order for eFit membership management software to work well, one has to make various considerations before choosing a specific software to run his/her business. Different softwares have been designed to work on different platforms and diverse business environment. Before choosing on particular software for the business one has to take into account the cost of the software, business information the system has to work on and analysis on whether adapting to the system will reduce the company’s expenditure should also be done.


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