Making Decisions Case Study Essay

Making Decisions Case Study

In the discussion with the elderly couple and their children, I would try to weave the following topics:

·         To meet a doctor or visit an organization dealing with care of people like Estrella, in order to take advice about the best option of helping her out. Should she be transferred to a home specially meant for people suffering from her kind of illness or should she continue to live at home.

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·         Since Carl is getting older and is devastated by Estrella’s condition, is he in the state to take complete care of his wife without any outside help.

·         Should he appoint any permanent carer so that the incident that happened recently, does not happen again?

·         Or should his adult children share the responsibility with him. If yes then in what way? Should they divide equal months of the year to look after their mother by keeping her with themselves?

·         Where will Carl stay in this situation: a) alone in his home, b) with the child with whom Estrella stays or c) with whom Estrella is not staying to avoid overburden to the other one.

·          If a personal carer is appointed for Estrella, then is Carl in the position to bear all the expenses? If not then will his adult children help him with it?

·          If yes then in what proportion of the total cost?

My goal would be to find out that of the above-mentioned options, which is the one that is acceptable to all the four family members. In order to evaluate the outcome, I would advice Carl and his adult children to be open about their anxieties and fears if any so that there is no confusion or misunderstanding later. This way I will have an idea that when the actual plan is implemented, if a crisis situation arises then how will it be solved within the family.

    During such a discussion Estrella would naturally be the quietest of all. In fact she might show no interest or reaction to what is being discussed. This is because she is so fed up of her illness that nothing affects her.

Carl might get angry and irrational especially at the topic of taking help from his children. He also might not like the idea of staying with his children and adjust to their families and lifestyles.

Of the two adult children one might be very supportive of the decision to bear costs or keeping his / her parents with himself / herself. While the other might resent his / her parents staying with him / her because his / her family might not agree or get affected by this change. Their father’s temper might also irritate them during the discussion.

       I had a very balanced reaction while doing this assignment. I did not feel prejudiced for or against anybody. I tried to look from all the four members’ angles and came up with the best possible way of handling the situation.


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