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Perhaps one of the most excellent writers of the Modernist period of literature is James Joyce, which continues in the region of about 1900 to the conclusion of World War II. The works of Modernist writers usually take in characters that are religiously lost and subject matters that are a sign of a disparagement in the direction of institutions the playwright had been qualified to have a high opinion for, for instance administration and religious conviction. A great deal of the writing of this interlude is investigational; Joyce’s inscription reproduces this by means of using dashes in preference to quotation marks to point out that a character is communicating verbally. (Bernardo p. 1)

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Another very interesting point here is that the mythology that has been taught to a person related to his or her own religion or culture or background can cause such intrigue in an individual that he or she starts taking interest in his or her literary culture. (Charters p. 86) The boy in the book Araby turns to books and imaginings out of which he creates a thought of his love life which is later destroyed completely when he finds everything the opposite of what he had imagined.  Through the book we get to realize that basically the author has presented to us a religious as well as mythological journey by means of the young man which leaves him disappointed as he sees his dreams being shattered.

The young boy and his dreams in due course are both shattered with the reality that he gets to face. This is because with the passage of time and with his interest in the books that he read he had founded such dreams and imaginings that held no true meaning in real life. He forgot that the true world in all actuality is full of difficulties and eventually the world is so cold that it does not even give him a chance to speak with his loved one for whom he has waited so long and only wished to present her with a gift.

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