Mad Cowboy is a book written buy Howard F. Lyman Essay

Mad Cowboy is a book written buy Howard F. Lyman, a Cattle Rancher who transformed his appetite from eating “chemically feed” beef (steak) to danger-free vegetables eating habits. The contents of the book covered the advocacy to uncovered dangerous effects to animals when they are feed with the remains of the animals-including other cows. It gave the information on how he, as a competitive businessman in a Cattle and Dairy Industry, converted his family’s organic farming methods to modern chemical farming techniques. Eventually, did increase his profits by feeding his cows with hormones and antibiotics, and layered his farm pesticides and herbicides. Which became unfortunate to animals, likewise, to his buyers, because the feed of the remains of animals-including blood of other cows had made them as carriers to a very harmful diseases that brought deadly illnesses like implications of cancer and other diseases.

“…I felt better knowing that there was one answer to many of the different ills afflicting both ourselves and our environment. Everything revolved around the fork.” (Lyman, Howard F. “MAD COWBOY”, p. 81)

As a saying goes, “it’s better to be late than never!”

It took him quite a long time, when he discovered a rare spinal tumor, and made him to examine his life, the industry  he forcefully fed with high concentrated chemicals in orders to gain much much profit. He finally realized that being too much in the business could lead to a great destruction – not only to animals but also to human health. The used of recombinant Bovine Hormone Growth (rGBH) to enhance milk production in a Dairy Industry, feed of antibiotics and ground animal remains created to the sufferings of the consumer’s health, including his’. By that mind opener, he transformed himself – for his personal benefits, as well as for the safety of the people. He wrote in the book how he became inspired to be a crusader for organic farming. Took concerns to his eating “veggie” habits, turned his back from the harsh action he’d given to his cows to prevent the pollution which may cause to the lost of our environment. Lyman, after taking all the efforts on finding the great nature back again, switched himself for better, making him lost 130 pounds and lowered his cholesterol by more than 150 points.

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“The Witness” and “Peaceable Kingdom” are another truthful exposure about the kind or way of feeds and over antibiotic of animals in order to gain more profit (which is usual to business). These films were documented by Eddie Lama who was a construction contactor from a tough Brooklyn neighborhood, a street-wise guy before and later transformed into an ardent arrival-right advocate. He helped opened everybody’s eyes and curiosity by saving abandoned, unfed animals from the streets of New York.

It is true that all over the world, there are thousands or even millions of no owner animals scattered anywhere. They’re malnourished, dirty, and to even became too dangerous to human. They are capable of transmitting rabies that is very deadly to human. If we may think clearly, children go and play everywhere; they are more prone to these gone-wild, rabies-carrier creatures.

“In my lifetime I have been the oppressor and the oppressed, both the fomenter of discord and the advocate for peace, both the perpetrator and the victim. But most significantly, I have been both the silence and the voice. It is the human voice that is the primary tool for change.” (Lama, Eddie. “The Witness”.

From then, he learned to love a kitten, eventually, decided to love another animals also. Collected and put them into better place/environment so that they’ll be given better attention. He dedicated his compassion of animals to share this vulnerable deed to which this advocacy may concern. Giving more importance to animals is a life-changing for him and for the world to be a better perfect place to all.

“Peaceable Kingdom”, however, documented the “cage-free” eggs production. This video exposed the exploitation of this helpless animal group. They are overdosed with artificial foods and vitamins to lay greater production of eggs. This was too cruel and brutal to them. They are helpless aside from there ability to help every business organization create more money. It shouted the cries of the concerns to care well these animals.

?The book and the two documentary videos help us realize our negligence we offered to animals. After we got benefited and extracted almost everything out of them, we’re too cruel to throw them away like a waste. For example to chickens, they’re sealed to a cage – dirty, no air to breathe, and they got almost poisoned, slaughtered. Later, not known by the second buyers, sold to them at lower cost, and are saved for consumption. Yeah! They are delicious also, meat, but the thing that we don’t know is that they are safe and healthy to be eaten anymore. They are already contaminated, poisoned may be. And can cause disease to human. In the long run, we’re still being the one reaping the products from our own maltreatment to them. Also, this three-factual information helped us to hasten our knowledge about: caring them as pets, for healthy food consumption, and as raw material for human basic needs.



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