Mac vs PC Essay

The sales for Mac laptops have gone up quite a bit over the last few years especially for college age kids. Even though the initial cost is higher most people say that the total cost of ownership is less than that of a PC. Another reason students are switching to Macs is because they are faster and more efficient. College students also like to play around and do a lot projects on their computers depending on their majors and Macs have a variety programs that can accommodate even the most advanced user.

Another things Macs have over PC’s is that Macs are more secure and are safer from virus attacks. Mac computers are more efficient, cost effective, and useful to the average college student than PC’s. Mac computers are expensive and everyone knows that. What everybody doesn’t know is that in the long run they will inevitably save more money if they purchase one. With Boot Camp (which is free with any Mac) you can run any operating system simultaneously with Mac OS X, which basically gives you two computers for the price of one.

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Also if you were to buy a regular Macbook which starts at $1299 and took a Dell XPS M1330 and bought an upgraded battery to match that of the Macbook and also bought Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements which is the equivalent of iPhoto and iMovie applications which come free with iLife on any Macbook then the Dell would cost $1308 with all the upgrades to make it comparable to the Macbook.

Also Macs aren’t targets of spyware and viruses to the degree of PC’s so you won’t have to spend money on maintenance and repair with Macs like you would a PC. Common Myths) Macs are more efficient to use than PC’s as well. When you buy a PC you are buying a computer from one company and software and an operating system from other companies, which causes the computer to crash or freeze more often than Macs because they make their own computers and operating system along with all the software you may need for your computer. Even when an application does freeze or quit it doesn’t affect the rest of your system and Macs also resist viruses better than PC’s so you can do anything without worrying about losing everything.

Also you can get total support for your Mac which is annually voted the best or one of the best in the business. All around the efficiency of a Mac computer is superior to that of a PC. (Get a Mac) (PC World) Mac computers are also easier to use than PC’s. Mac OS X is simpler and uses less keystrokes to do similar operations on a PC. Macs are also quicker and with the drag and drop actions on Macs it makes things a lot easier on users. Also, due to Windows Vista’s relative newness there is not a lot of online support available for it yet.

Then there is the fact that because PC’s have historically been crash-prone machines and companies are trying to fix that by basically checking with the user before they do anything at all which can get very annoying when all you want to do is move a file from one folder to another and there are a lot of files to be moved. Also the startup speed on a Mac is considerably faster than that of a PC, which makes using a Mac easier and more user friendly. Macs again win the battle when it comes to being quicker and easier on the user which is ultimately what matter the most. Mac vs PC) In conclusion, Macs are the better buy for any college student looking for a laptop to use at school. They offer more things built into the operating system initially. They are quicker and less susceptible to viruses. You wont have to worry about your computer freezing and crashing in the middle of writing your paper for a class because that only happens in very rare cases. Any support you may need for you Mac is easily available and always rated one of the best in the world. Many PC’s don’t have everything comparable to a Mac without adding things onto them. Macs are just more efficient, cost effective, and useful to any student going to college than a PC.

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