Love Essay


            Two people walk slowly through the fresh grass with nothing on their minds but what is next to them.  They are only involved with their immediate feelings and those that emit from the one they love.

            So quietly they learn that the one next to them is so important. A gentle hand that easily accepts that of another. They seemed to have been waiting so patiently for the touch of their partner. It looked as if it had been a gift that was unmatched by any other and one that meant more than money could ever purchase.

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            A small giggle and then a smile that radiates from the face of a girl who seemed to have been waiting for someone special.  She sweetly offers a smile that sparks another from the man she walked with.  Her face was illuminated and I could easily gather that he was the man she would spend her life with, no matter what tried to tear them apart.

            He pulls her close and gives her a kiss on the cheek.  He said so much with one small peck and it radiated warmness and kindness and I thought that he would most likely go to far lengths to make sure she realized the depth of his affection for her.

            One small tug on her arm and she was ready to walk with him and I imagine she would go far; as far as he needed. She walked close and sometimes brushed her clothes against his own as they made their way across the property. I wondered if he would be taking a long trip in the near future or was he always this caring with the girl that remained so close to him.  He must have had huge concern that he may never see the one he loved, again.  How could he be this affectionate and concerned, if he weren’t going away on a long journey.  Would he come back?  He possibly would leave her for a short time and think about her while he was away. He would most certainly think about her while he was gone. He would miss the one he loved and think about her and the way she walked so close to him along the grassy trail on that warm, sunny afternoon. There’s no doubt he would come back to her and remain so openly affectionate.

            When he pulled her face close to his for the last time, a small tear slid down her cheek and she talked as she cried, while he grasped her face in his hands and kissed her, holding her heart in his hands and confirming his true feelings with his lips.

            She turned and walked from him as if, she couldn’t handle the pain of what he had just said or done. Had he left her in that moment? He could have never let her go that easily. He would return for her and pick up where he had left her that day. The next time he sees her, they will both be smiling and possibly crying, but it is evident that he will never break her heart, again.

            He watches as she walks away and gives a small smile that she never knew existed.  He loved her while she broke and while she tried to run from the person who had made so many emotions emerge in such a short time period.  I could easily see that the love that came from these two individuals was stronger than just a couple who had only dated a few times. I could easily imagine a history between them.  They must have shared secrets that others would never hear and suffered through some horrible pain that only they could feel and then as they tore themselves away at the last moment, I could feel the history of “whatever” had brought their hearts together and easily feel the love that had caused the tremendous pain that told me they had most certainly found true love.


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