Love Versus Hate Essay

Love Versus Hate Among the multifarious emotions which human beings experience, love and hate are undoubtedly the most prominent. This is because these particular feelings are so incredibly strong, that they evoke countless other emotions within the human psyche. Both these emotional states are inarguably compelling; however, love is certainly more powerful. Although hatred is easier to yield to, love is stronger because it causes one to surrender their personal desires for those they cherish.

When examined from afar, hatred may appear more authoritative and dominant than love. However, those who have suffered through hatred can verify that it merely enslaves its victims at the hands of prejudice. Rather than empowering those whom it consumes, hatred simply grants them a false sense of superiority. This weaker emotion, hate, is a shallow outlet by which one can release subdued anger through cruelty. Hatred, a self-centered emotion, seeks to destroy and ostracize others.

Those who hold spiteful convictions within their hearts often Gerard or even dare to violate the dignity each person has been endowed with through their humanity. Hate does not only euthanize its victims, but also induces other negative feelings such as extreme sorrow, insecurity, and suppressed frustration. Dissimilarly, love produces an aura of immense Joy and benevolence within a person; yet, sincere love is not easily attained and requires sacrifice and total altruism. Despite the extreme amount of work attaining love requires, it is ultimately worth the effort.

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Contrary to the destructive effects of hate, love results in mutual respect and compassion between those who share it. Because of this, love has the ability to conquer hatred and vanquish its detrimental repercussions. Only through demonstrating attitudes of love, will it be possible for human beings to reverse the harmful aftermath hatred has inflicted upon the whole of society. For these reasons, love will remain triumphant and increasingly more powerful than superficial hatred.


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