Loss of Childhood Innocence: The Transition to Adulthood Sample Essay

Society is filled with corrupt grownups. which makes it inevitable for the loss of childhood artlessness as kids enter into the grownup universe. Some say that society can alter and take a bend for the better. and though it may non be filled with honest. pure hearted people. it can be more echt and more about the bosom and less about success and mercenary chases. Others say that society can non alter and that it will go on to be corrupt and filled with selfish persons. regardless of whether or non there are a few who are genuinely honorable. In J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. Holden Caulfield categorizes anyone. normally an grownup. who is insincere as hypocrite and runs off from the corrupt grownup universe. finally showing that the universe would be a better topographic point if it’s filled with children’s artlessness and pureness ; nevertheless. he finds that such a universe is impossible. for people can’t aid but to turn up into the bogus universe of grownups no affair how much they don’t want to.

Most teens or striplings are already corrupted or tainted by society for they have already accepted and embraced the ways of maturity and are old plenty to understand how society works ; therefore. they are bogus get downing from a comparatively immature age. For illustration. Holden’s schoolmate and roomie. “Ward Stradlater. ab initio appear [ s ] sophisticated. but [ he is truly a bogus ] . Stradlater seems fine-looking. but he is in secret a sloven who ne’er cleans his rusty old razor. He besides appears to be a successful pupil but is truly an thankless egoist who gets other people to make his assignments” ( “The Catcher in the Rye” 4 ) . On the outside Stradlater seems like a perfect citizen – clean. well-dressed. handsome. capturing. smart. and difficult working. In world. nevertheless. he is really a sloven who doesn’t clean his day-to-day necessities. such as his razor. and contrary to how he appears to be an rational person. he arranges for another pupil to complete the assignments for him. The fact that he acts and looks otherwise in forepart of others than his true personality defines him as a bogus member of society ; though he is merely a adolescent. because he already follows the hypocrites of society. he is grown up and entered into the grownup universe of corruptness and misrepresentation.

In add-on. because he is fine-looking he is popular among misss and finds himself traveling on day of the months with many of them. All of the misss think he truly likes them for he whispers flattering words into their ears that makes it sound as if he loves them with all of his bosom ; nevertheless. “he has merely one thing on his head. and that is sexual conquest” ( Alsen 3 ) . Stradlater prides himself with the fact that he has had sex with many misss and that he is popular with the misss. He continues to seek to turn out to his equals every bit good as himself that his sexual art is one to be covetous of. implying him to lie and lead on girls’ Black Marias and heads and moving like he loves them when he doesn’t. Stradlater’s actions further prove that striplings to the full grasp the phoniness of grownups pulverizing the pure child-like artlessness within them. Virtually all grownups in society are bogus because in order to last in society. they live lives that are non sprung from the echt feelings of the bosom but out of personal privation and addition. Holden Caulfield gives the illustration that “lawyers are wholly right if they are committed to salvaging guiltless people’s lives. But that’s non what attorneies do.

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All they do is do dozenss of money. drama golf. purchase expensive autos. and imbibe Martinis” ( Alsen 3 ) . Caulfield brings to illume the fact that people pursue callings and other ends non to assist others but to assist themselves. If person becomes a attorney to truly aid those in demand. so he/she is a genuinely honorable individual ; nevertheless. most people become attorneies for the rich benefits they can have from being a attorney such as a batch of money. expensive autos. and a high ranking position in society. Because they view mercenary chases more of import than salvaging people’s lives. they are bogus and corrupt. It is of import to retrieve that the construct of phoniness does non merely associate to attorneies – it relates to about all of society for people pursue callings non because they truly want to but because they want to hold personal addition. stressing the fact that grownups in society are bogus and corrupt. Childs are non bogus because all of their actions and words are echt. from the bosom. pure. and guiltless.

For this ground. Caulfield loves kids since they are the entire antonym of the grownup universe and its phoniness. Phoebe. Caulfield’s younger sister. “represents the artlessness and honestness of childhood. which is all Holden genuinely respects” ( “The Catcher in the Rye” 8 ) . Phoebe loves Caulfield and speaks the truth. no affair how viciously honest. She tells straight that he hates virtually everything and everyone. Because of her childhood artlessness. she is non afraid to state the truth as it is alternatively of sugar surfacing it to do it sound more pleasant than it really is. Therefore. Holden embraces that honestness and pureness of childhood and wants that all of society would hold such features. Children are honest to the bosom and their actions come from echt love. non selfish want ; therefore. harmonizing to Caulfield. kids are non bogus but the 2nd they enter the grownup universe. they are corrupted and bogus. In the grownup universe. merely the 1s who do non populate for themselves but for others are non bogus. Such a individual is Mr. Antolini. Caulfield’s instructor.

He “takes Holden’s rebellion earnestly and recognizes it as a moral and religious crisis. And even though Holden kicks when Antolini expresses his fancy for him by stroking his caput. he recognizes that Antolini is a caring single and non a phony” ( Alsen 4 ) . Antolini realizes how mentally and emotionally Caulfield needs aid and gives him advice non out of his ain selfish wants but because he unfeignedly cares for Caulfield. Many readers believe that Antolini is bogus because of his stroke of Caulfield’s caput leads them to believe that he is a pedophile/pervert. However. that is non the instance. for Antolini simply cares for Caulfield and his well-being. Caulfield realizes this every bit good for he feels bad for running off from Antolini after the incident and wants to apologise to him. In add-on to Antolini’s earnestness. he besides does non care about his outer visual aspect in the mode that his physical visual aspect is non of import plenty for him to worry about that more than his interior ego.

Mr. Antolini “ha [ s ] on his bathrobe and slippers” when Caulfield goes to run into him ( Salinger 181 ) . The fact that Antolini is non concerned about doing himself look socially acceptable in order to delight and affect others shows that he is echt. non bogus. unlike Stradlater who merely cared about his visual aspects. The lone other grownups that Caulfield views as genuine are two nuns that he meets by opportunity. The nuns are populating a simple life by eating at an cheap eating house when they could hold been moving like they were sophisticated and rich by traveling to an expensive eating house. Besides. nuns devote their lives to faith and to assisting others which is why they are non categorized as hypocrite. Therefore. merely grownups who don’t live for stuff and personal chases such as Antolini and the nuns. who don’t have pretense and act like they are socially accepted in the facet of money and success are non bogus – they are happy without such chases.

All kids have trouble transitioning from childhood to adulthood and this does non exempt Caulfield. Caulfield’s job is “between [ himself ] and the grownup universe. It is due to Holden’s involuntariness to go portion of this universe because most grownups he knows are hypocrites. that is. people who claim to be something they are not” ( Alsen 3 ) . Caulfield finds it hard to turn up to be an grownup because he doesn’t even desire to be a portion of the grownup universe in the first topographic point. As mentioned multiple times. he views grownups as insincere and morally unrighteous. and he doesn’t want to stop up run intoing the same death. In order “to trade with rough world. [ he ] lie [ s ] ” ( Blythe 1 ) . His solution to avoiding going an grownup. he continuously lies in order to manufacture world to suit his illusion. which becomes a complicated phantasy that he traps himself in ; he besides alienates and isolates himself.

His inventive and evasive mentality causes him to dream of unrealistic phantasies in order to remain within the kingdom of guiltless childhood. One such phantasy is one where he will “be someplace out West where it was really reasonably and cheery and where nobody’d cognize [ him ] and [ he’d ] acquire a occupation. Just so people didn’t know [ him ] and [ he ] didn’t know anybody… [ He’d ] pretend [ that he ] was one of those deaf-and-dumb persons. That manner [ he ] wouldn’t have to hold any blasted stupid useless conversations with anybody…and so [ he’d ] be through with holding conversations for the remainder of [ his ] life. Everybody’d think [ that he ] was merely a hapless deaf-and-dumb asshole and they’d leave [ him ] alone” ( Salinger 198. 199 ) . He often creates narratives in his head where he will be entirely everlastingly – isolated. Because he doesn’t desire to be a portion of the corrupt grownup society. he wants to be alienated from the universe where he can be stainless – inexperienced person.

The fact that he goes to such lengths to make eccentric phantasies in his head stresses the mental and emotional toll the passage to maturity is giving him. and it is all due to society’s corruptness. His desiring to get away society non merely shows his hate for the phoniness of the universe. but it besides represents his privation to be an single. a non-conformist. His ruddy hunting chapeau is a symbol of his individualism. for it is a showy ruddy colour which stands out from the crowd and contrasts with his ain outfit ; besides. “by turning the vizor rearward Holden suggests that his values are the contrary of what everybody else’s are” ( Alsen 11 ) . Holden wants to be different from everybody else by being pure and untainted by society. He wants to turn out to everyone that he is different and that he can see the phoniness of grownup society. His attempts to get away society demo how much Caulfield wants to get away from the tainted grownup universe even if it means to travel every bit far as to harming himself in the long tally emotionally. mentally. and physically.

No affair how difficult one attempts. one can non get away going hypocrite and this fact is accentuated and brought to visible radiation by Caulfield himself. “He hatreds lies. phoniness. pretence. yet these are frequently his ain wickednesss ; ” though he tries to avoid the grownup phoniness that he despises so much. he himself reflects the very actions and ideas that he finds to be bogus ( Seng 1 ) . He becomes ferocious at Stradlater for holding sexual relationships with all of the misss that he has involvement in. Taking sex non as a bond between two lovers but merely sing misss as sex objects and therefore working them of their childhood artlessness is what makes Caulfield so angry even traveling so far as to pluging Stradlater and acquiring into a battle with him. Meanwhile. when Caulfield goes to New York. the first thing he does is seek to acquire in touch with a cocotte. Besides. he hates to state things when he doesn’t average it. such as “saying ‘Glad to’ve met you’ to person [ he’s ] non at all glad [ he ] met” ( Salinger 87 ) . Yet. when he meets a Navy soldier for the first clip. he tells him that he’s sword lily to hold met him.

He says one thing. but does another when throughout the whole novel he expresses his antipathy for phoniness. turn outing the inevitable loss of childhood pureness. In add-on. when he “buy [ s ] drinks for the misss from Seattle he puts on a pretence of New York-ish bored edification. On the other manus he can non bear that kind of pretence in others. and has merely disdain for the sort of people who say that something is ‘grand’” ( Seng 2 ) . Merely as how Caulfield views stating things one doesn’t mean as hypocrite but he himself does. he besides views pretence every bit good as seting on poses as dishonest. but he does it in order to construct and make relationships with others. Caulfield continuously contradicts himself demoing his baffled province of head from the troubles and emphasiss from transitioning into an grownup ; the fact that he can’t aid being bogus himself shows that no affair how one tries to avoid world and the adversities of grownup society. he/she will hold to turn out of the shell of childhood pureness into the rough world of the grownup universe.

The loss of childhood pureness is impossible to hedge and hence. there is nil one can make to forestall kids from losing their pureness. Throughout the class of the novel. Caulfield has problem hold oning this construct. for his want is to “catch [ the kids ] if they start to travel over the cliff… . If they’re running and they don’t look where they’re traveling [ he’d ] have to come out from someplace and catch them” ( Salinger 173 ) . Caulfield’s dream is to go a backstop in the rye where he would watch all of the kids play. and if they fall. he catches them. symbolically stand foring him forestalling kids from falling into the abysm of the grownup universe. He has such a dream for he himself is seeking to avoid maturity. and he wants to continue childhood artlessness non merely in himself but in all kids. showing the fact that the universe would be a better topographic point if such an event occurred because everyone would be pure. inexperienced person. and honest instead than fallacious and morally rotten. He wishes that kids could remain the manner they are merely as how in a museum. nil every alterations – their places. airss. looks. etc. ever remain the same.

However. society is excessively complex for it to go an guiltless Utopia. Caulfield eventually starts to recognize this fact when he visits the Museum of Art and sees the words “Fuck you” written into the wall. He rapidly rubs it off of the wall. but so he sees the same phrase engraved into the wall into the knife ; he realizes that no affair how much clip he spends seeking to wipe out it he will non be able to. “The graffiti [ is ] cogent evidence that it is impossible to happen a topographic point to be in the universe without holding to confront semisynthetic ugliness ; ” this realisation awakens him to the construct that there will be no such topographic point in the universe where there is nil but peace and pureness. significance that kids will hold to go from their artlessness — it is impossible to cleanse the universe ( Tolchin 3 ) .

The eventually rousing where he realizes that he can non get away from maturity forever is when he is with his sister. As his sister rides a carrousel. she tries to make for a aureate ring on the carrousel Equus caballus. He wants to halt her from making out so that she will non fall. but he realizes that “if they fall off. they fall away. but it’s bad if you say anything to them” ( Salinger 211 ) . Caulfield officially comes to footings with the fact that kids must come in maturity. doing them to come in the bogus universe of society ; no affair how much he tries to catch the kids from falling into the abysm of corruptness. he can’t and that includes himself as good. All kids must come in maturity. no affair how much they want to remain as guiltless. merriment loving childs ; the passage is hard. and in the terminal. the loss of pureness is inevitable and society will go on on its corrupt spot. for no 1 is able to get away it.

Turning up into a corrupted. bogus society is a given. for all kids lose their artlessness once they become grownups. As Caulfield expresses his positions on who is bogus and who is non. he himself develops the features of the bogus people that he despises so much. stressing the fact that get awaying the rough worlds of maturity is impossible. no affair how one tries. Caulfield goes to great lengths to continue his childhood. but he still becomes hypocrite while holding penetrations of grownup phoniness. Therefore. all kids must turn up into an grownup society. and because of this fact. society will ne’er be able to cleanse itself and be filled with child artlessness and pureness. for that is the manner life is ; society will go on to be filled with corrupt persons who ever act for their ain benefits instead for others.


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