Lizard by Dennis Covington Essay

Dennis Covington is an American author of fiction whose narratives give a realistic version of the universe through the lives of the fabricated characters. He did his instruction in fiction authorship and got BA grade from the University of Virginia. He married 2nd clip to Vicki Covington in 1977 and besides taught at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. ( Alabama Center for the Book and Auburn University. 2008 ) Lizard is his applaudable narrative of a distorted immature teenage male child. Lucius Sims. whose malformation gets him a moniker Lizard.

The whole narrative revolves around this male child. his anguish as he is abused and laughed at by other kids and even though non mentally retarded yet is admitted in the refuge of mentally retarded kids. Lucius Sims has a disfigured face and looks wholly different from others and similar to a reptilian. This makes him an object of ridicule and abuses. He is frequently insulted and called “Turd Head” ( Covington. 1991. p. 10 ) by the male childs. and nurse refers him as “that male child with squashed head” ( Covington. 1991. p. 28 ) . He is besides admitted in Leesville State School for mentally handicapped male childs by a adult female named Miss Colley with whom he was remaining.

From this topographic point onwards his problems and jobs really start. There is no mark or even grounds of his being mentally handicapped still he is forced to remain with these kids which prove nil less than a anguish for him. His directing him off to the school of mental retarded kids is merely a agencies to acquire rid of him. so that Miss Colley could get married without holding to confront load of taking attention of him. Lucius is burdened of holding to confront non merely these kids but besides grownups so he decides to get away. Soon he gets an chance when he is helped by a immature actress and an histrion to fly from school.

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He takes this opportunity to get away into the new profound freedom. They take him into the moving company where he plays a function of Caliban in one of the organized Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. In class of his journey. he comes across scope of people- orphaned brother and sister whom he finds remaining in a dirty swamp. a museum conservator. a black creative person. and eventually once more Miss Cooley whom he finds to be his ain female parent. On this journey he has to confront many state of affairss and fortunes which are both tragic every bit good as amusing like interstate pursuit. moving introduction. unanswered love. his moving calling and many more escapades.

“While acting in the drama. Lizard becomes a specifically American Caliban who finds through the culturally-authoritative voice of Shakespeare. linguistic communication to talk the injury of ego and state crystallized by the utmost political history of 1963. ” ( Hateley. 2009. p. 158 ) Plot moves really easy in the beginning but becomes more mesmerizing as it moves frontward. Whole text appears to be really slackly connected with once more secret plan looking to be like turning here and at that place and writhing. In some topographic points. unsmooth linguistic communication has besides been used which has really small or no relevancy to the secret plan.

Many people have been described in the book that gives a nice position about the present society as a whole and the troubles it faces. It is a self narrative with an autobiographical touch as this whole narrative has been told by Lizard himself and from his position. Through this narrative. we could non halt but look up to him for the manner he shows bravery and strength in covering with the fortunes and the people around him. All other characters are besides really fascinating leting us to hold a good appreciation of the society and its ways.

Lizard is Covington’s first work of fiction as he produced originality while adopting the societal subjects and the worldly personal businesss with great sleight and as a acute spectator. This novel is more recommended for immature aged between 14 to 16 who should follow the attitude of love and tolerance towards these “other” unconventional kids. It is besides a novel of hope and optimism as in this uneven universe. a organic structure with disfigured face wants to do his topographic point. Through the eyes of this immature male child nicknamed Lizard. author allows us to demo great wisdom. and love for all.

It is besides a manner to take the undismayed fright of adolescence. While reading the novel. it appears author has achieved what he wanted with no uncertainty through the baffled. tormented and on some occasions violent while other amusing adventures of chief the protagonist Lizard. Reference List Alabama Center for the Book and Auburn University. ( 2008 ) . Dennis Covington. Retrieved on May 2. 2010 from W. W. W: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. alabamaliterarymap. org/author. cfm? AuthorID=134 Covington. D. ( 1991 ) . Lizard. New York. N. Y: Bantam Doubleday Dell. Hateley. E. ( 2009 )

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