Literature prose, novel, drama, etc. Usually literature

Literature is a
work of art expressed through writing. Literature basically tells the life of
society or how social and political conditions. Generally literature can take
the form of lyrics, poetry, prose, novel, drama, etc. Usually literature will
experience changes both content and form. The development of literature will
not be separated from the appearance of new writers. In the development of
English Literature, there are some authors who are familiar and have a strong
influence on the further development of literature. For example there was
William Shakespeare during the reign of Queen Elizabeth with her excellent
works, and a writer named Chaucer from London who is famous for her poet. As in
the 18th century, there are several author appear with each character on each
of his works. One of the most famous writers in this period was Alexander Pope.
This essay focuses on three important things, namely the Alexander Pope’s life,
his works, and how the historical events affected his works.

The first thing
that will be explained is about the life of Alexander Pope. Alexander Pope was
a writer from London and he was born in 1688 century. His religion is Roman
Catholic. At that time, Catholics were subjected to oppression and were barred
from entering any university. This caused Alexander pope spent his time reading
a book in his father’s private library. He got his education privately, and
studied Greek and Latin languages. Pope was a person of weak character and
gentle. Besides, he was also a kind and loving person. He suffered numerous
health problems. However, he has a small body and short so often ridiculed by
his friends. Pope spent his youth at Bonfield, close to the royal Windsor
Forest. There he knew a writer named Wycherley, and took him to several writers
named Addison, Swift, and Steele. After his work was translated Homer made him
a rich man. The circumstances provide to support him to become an adept writer.

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For his work, he
began his career in writing in 1709. Actually, Pope had a lot of works. Some of
his writings were in the form of prose. The earliest poets made were Pastoral.
And in 1711 appeared “Essay on Criticism”. This essay was published
by him when he moved to London. One of the most brilliant poems was The Rape of
the lack. This poem told about the story of the conflict between Arabella
Fermor and Lord Petrie who cut his hair without permission. Another great
achievement is the translation of Iliad and Odyssey into English. One of his
favorite poems is Solitude. After the work, he produced other works such as Essay
on Men that got positive responses, followed by Windsor Forest, etc. In 1717,
his collection of works was published and made him a great writer at the time.
For them it can be seen that Alexander Pope is an amazing writer and produces a
lot of literature, and also all his work is very welcome in society. His
brilliant and dominating works at the time made the name of the age was The Age
of Pope.

His works cannot
be separated from the influence of historical events. In this era, the
formation of two parties namely Whig and Tory. Whig was a party formed by a
rich society, while Tory was a party of nobles. The government was controlled
by Whig as Puritans. As has been pointed out, this makes Catholicism oppressed.
Besides that, people or the parliament was very busy with war. The impact on
his work was that the war between the two parties made his literary work a lot
about war and peace. One of his works also contains political corruption at
that day. One of his works that told of corruption was Horace which using Latin.
On the other hand, the industrial revolution that occurred with the printing
press made it easy for literary works to be printed by the in this era. This
social condition that had an influence on Alexander Pope’ literary works leads
to criticism, emotion and politics. Governance controlled by puritans made the
occurrence of new morality. So, his works of this time contained with moral and

To conclude,
that is about Alexander Pope’s Life, his works and historical events that
affect his works. Alexander Pope was a writer from London. When he was young,
he spent his time in Bonfield with reading and writing. He often ridiculed by
his friends because of his small and hunchback. His strong character enabled
him to write where his works were so numerous and dominant. So this age was
called The Age of Pope. One of his glorious works was The Rape of the Lack.
What was the most impressive when the collection of his work was united and
published. His works were mostly in the form of prose. The historical events
that affected his works were the formation of two parties namely Whig and Tory
and war between them, the absolute government was run by Whig party who was Puritans.
So Pope and the people around him who were Catholic get unfair treatment and
oppression. Corruption as well as revolution in the field of industry such as
the existence of printing equipment made his works more easily and quickly to
be published.


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