Life Transitions Counseling Essay

A elaborate and really interesting research about the jobs of sorting. analysing and get bying with life passages in our life. was written by Lawrence Brammer. Ph. D. . who is Professor Emeritus of Counselor Education at the University of Washington in Seattle. This work was published by the Educational Resource Information Center.

In his research L. Brammer introduces the construct of life passages and presents the most common types of such passages. After that he addresses to three theoretical theoretical accounts of life passages. which are supported by tips on reding them. And in the terminal of the article the writer presents some attitudes and accomplishments necessary for successful get bying with alterations and life passages.

The writer defines passage as a sudden and cardinal life alteration. which brings certain disjunction with the yesteryear. He classifies the passages aspositiveandnegative( painful and tragic ) in regard to human reaction. asvoluntaryandnonvoluntaryby human factor of the cause. and ason-timeandoff-timepassages by outlooks. Besides. he defines developmental. societal and political alterations among the passages.

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Harmonizing to this research. there are three ways of human perceptual experience of life passages. These attacks are based on the developments of other specializers in this field. The first attack was suggested by Bridges ( 1980 ) . who offered utilizing metaphors from authoritative literature when depicting life passages. Reding attack in such instance can be focused on promoting people to look for some meaningful metaphors when pull offing with their life passages.

The 2nd construct is calledSocial Interaction Model. which was created by Schlossberg ( 1984 ) . This specializer offers to see societal and personal features of an person when get bying with life passages. like age. adulthood. esthesia to emphasiss. etc. Harmonizing to this theoretical account. the reding attack will concentrate on analysing the impact of passage on the individual and looking for the inner and outer resources. which would assist the individual to get by with the state of affairs.

The 3rd theoretical account is calledPredictable Overlapping Phases. which was created by the writer himself. utilizing the plants of Kubler-Ross. Parkes and Hopson. This theoretical account presents the development of human perceptual experience of difficult life passages. like sudden decease of a close individual. etc. The writer states that there are some phases. which any individual experiences when get bying with a difficult life passage. First. there are initial feelings of confusion. uncomfortableness and daze. followed by the phases of denial and phantasy. so really long procedure of temper stabilisation comes. which is accompanied with depressions. temper upsets. and so one or another degree or recovery comes. Reding in this instance is besides focused on finding. on which phase the individual is now.

In the terminal of the research there are some constructs about get bying attitude and accomplishments. which are largely based on the developments in psychological literature. The writer states that get bying with life passages is self-initiated job resolution. which requires development of proper and satisfactory get bying resource. Besides. the writer offers some waies. which can be effectual for making the construct of recovery when get bying with life passages. Those are: making support webs. cognitive reframing. analysing personal emphasis responses. etc.

This research is really constructive and utile ; it reveals some interesting theoretical information about position on life passages and the ways of get bying with them. The writer suggests analyzing the job more exhaustively. and in the decision he directs the readers into the most of import field of analyzing life passages: acquisition more about peculiar human personalities. about ourselves and our surrounding.

Possibly the lone disadvantage of this research is the absence of more practical information on get bying with life passages. Other legion researches introduce mental ( admiting the job. looking for some positive sides. contending with anxiousness and depressions. etc. ) and physical ( making exercisings. interacting with other people. paying attending on nutrition. etc ) tips. which can be really helpful in our day-to-day activity when pull offing with passages.

Besides. the bulk of life passages is connected with emphasiss. so get bying with life passages often becomes get bying with emphasis. It is besides of import point. which had to have more attending from the writer of this research. But in any manner. the work of Laurence Brammer is really utile. particularly for pupils and specializers. who are interested in analyzing the perceptual experience of life passages and emphasiss by human psychological science.


· Brammer. L. M. ( 2001 ) . Coping with Life Transitions.Educational Resourse Information Center.ERIC Digest. ED350527. Retrieved December 1. 2005. from & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. mental-health-matters. com/articles/article. php? artID=399 & gt ; .


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